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Automation 2 ideas?


While automation V1 is pretty much set when it comes to the main features, I am pretty sure that the devs have some kinds of ideas of things they’ll want to try for patches/DLC once the game is out of early access, things that would be cool but would delay V1.0 for features that aren’t really required.

The thing though for a lot of suggestions beyond that, like interiors or infinitely variable bank angles, is the amount of work required compared to the advantages it brings to the game. That’s a thing that not only applies now, with Automation V1.0, but is also going to be applicable for Automation V2.0

Interiors while they could technically be doable, you still need a lot of work to make sure the system doesn’t just work but works in every single situation AND gives a nice result. Considering the black magic that is the current fixture stamping system, or the fact that they got a BeamNG exporter to work, I am pretty sure they could give us working interiors if given enough time. However as discussed a few times, if we add that in automation 1.0 it would just be adding some changing visuals associated to a single design choice within the game, which isn’t really worth it considering the time required. So technically doable within V2.0 but not really worth it unless you completely change the importance of interior design within the game.

For infinitely variable bank angles, part of the issue is the fact that most bank angles are sub-optimal depending on your engine configuration, usually because it’s going to result in what is called “uneven” firing order. It’s usually considered bad practice in game design to add choices which are inferior in every situation since you often end up confusing those who are just getting started with the game and don’t necessarily understand every aspect of it.

It also brings possible issues with assets related to the intake and exhaust. Very low bank angle engines for example are set-up fairly similarly to inline engines, with the intake manifold on one side and the exhaust on the other. Even when there is usable space within the valley like on the V engines currently in the game, the amount of space still affects the design of your intake manifold in pretty major ways. While you could possible have a system with a few basic intake/exhaust design which fit within a certain set of bank angles and then switch to an other design if you exceed those bank angles, you still come to the same issue I described in the first point, it’s a lot of work only to add choices which aren’t really meaningful.

If you want parametric though, the devs already have a system when it comes to the number of rows for a specific bank angle, meaning that theoretically it should be fairly easy to create assets for things like 60 degree V4s, H2s and others, so you’d “only” need to create the calculations for engine performance and get the required engine sound.


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I mean of course, the main game needs to be done first but I think if we treat this as more of a discussion on things that are too late to change about the first game now, it might have some merit, so here’s 3 things I’d really love.

1.) A quite in depth racing team management element to the game, wouldn’t it be so cool to make an LMP1/2 car and then set the budget for the team, the goals for the season and at a stretch hire the professionals like a team manager and chief engineer, not asking for Motorsport Manager, just a motorsport managing element :slight_smile:
2,) Interior Design, I have to admit the fact I have no input over the interior at all is one of my biggest gripes about this game (of which there are very few) these days interior design is so crucial to a cars success, it’s all well and good having a great looking car on the outside but the driver spends most of his time in it. Being able to make lavish leather and walnut interiors for your luxury cars or bountiful swathes of carbon fiber and sporty alcantara for your insane 1000bhp hypercar is just something I’d love to do.
3.) The ability to walk around your factory and maybe a heritage museum sort of thing. As far as the heritage museum suggestion goes, think along the lines of PGR2, one of my favorite childhood games, in fact I’ll attach a link to what I am on about. https://youtu.be/maQXkUjO4C8?t=13m53s


The third idea could actually be a good one for Automation 1.0. Getting a showroom with like five of your best cars in it towards the end of a campaign would be a nice little reward to show your progress, although something like that could take awhile for fixtures to load.


Could run as a separate program in a similar vain to how the Content Manager application for AC runs the showroom feature. I mean I’m sure the devs could make this, if it was worth their time of course.


With the upcoming BeamNG Exporter feature, I believe the heritage museum idea can be somehow done there.


With the lighting like in that garage, it would look amazing. Just the problem of fixture layering to worry about.


I wonder if it’s actually possible to do it in this game, might have to get a dev to take a look.


Its a matter of getting multiple cars into a photo scene basically, but some car centric settings would have to be changed. Idk…more of a “nice to have” polish feature than something to worry about short term.


That’s true of course, but we shouldn’t just think about the initial release, if we can give them a roadmap that would really help them, but yeah, 100% something for them to consider for the next game I think.