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Automation acts weird on steam


Ok, so after I updated my Automation and today it wanted an update again, but the whole game started to reinstall. Near the end steam said something like Contet File Locked (needed to translate). I couldn’t update it no matter how much I tried. I tried deinstalling the game again but it didn’t work. I tried to delete automation files from my computer, but I couldn’t because they are corrupted (?) Can you help me guys? I would really appreciate it


That sounds like a Steam issue, maybe an issue with your hard drive.
Restart your computer, make sure the Steam Client is up to date.
Then if the game in the library shows as installed, verify its game files. If it doesn’t, install it.
See if that works or not.


Ok, I solved it using chkdsk d:/f command on CMD, installing automation now, hope it works