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Automation Meme Sharing place


Automation NEEDS this! Post your funny memes about automation here! :mrgreen:


do they have to be about automation or just cars in general?


Everything automation related!


Then you might want to check out this thread…



I went and made this one its kind of cheesy so please don’t kill me guys
EDIT: posting mine over there too :laughing: I had no idea



Suprisingly accurate on the filesize there


5 years later lol

Seriously though fixture spam doesn’t equate to an actually good looking car and .car file size is a bad attempt at an “objective” way to rate car design


I think he knows that :stuck_out_tongue:


fair enough i guess its just a meme then


Judging by how triggered some people are getting it seems they have a very particular preconception about the intent of this meme and the users mentioned within it…

… So one naturally has to ask should the outrage be directed at the meme or the preconceptions they unmasked?



Accurate as fuck :joy: