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Automation Rallycross League, Season Two (Final Shootout and Stats Post Up, Thanks To All Participants!)


Daylily Rallysport is proud to announce their first season in ARX Supercars and a special Season One edition of the 2000T4 hatchback! Young Japanese driver Saki Mochizuki joins us for this first season and all of us from the factory and on the team are very excited to have her! The 2000T4 ARX Season One edition is available for $83,600 and features a race spec engine, chassis, differentials, brakes, wheels, and suspension in a 2 +3 hatchback. The Season One edition also features some of the graphics from the race worn livery! Interested customer teams can also call +49 555 555-5555 to arrange a factory tour, a quote, and relevant documentation.
Daylilly_2000_T4_-_ARX_Season_One_Edition.car (65.4 KB)


The road version is shown here:


Team Buy 2 Get 1 Free to enter S1250

and it makes our League 1 car look silly
League 1 liveried by @Xepy - S1250 copied by me


Ladies and Gentlemen, the entry deadline for ARXL Season Two has now passed…kind of…

As of now, I am closing both Supercar classes to new entries, but if anyone still wishes to enter the Super 1250 class, I am going to keep that open until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday night.

Anyone who has submitted a car in any class and has not yet passed scrutineering, you will have until the Friday night deadline as well to submit a car and pass scrutineering. If you are having any difficulties getting your car legal, let me know and I will offer whatever advice I can.

Anyone who has passed scrutineering, but has not yet submitted their driver, or updated their driver from Season One, you have until 11:59 PM ET on Sunday night to get this information into me!

For everyone else, the Pace Control Sheet will be going active some time tomorrow, once I finalise the weather for this Season of ARXL, at which point you will have until the Sunday night deadline to submit Pace Control directions for the first three races.

To summarise:

ARX Premier League: New Entries Closed, Scrutineering deadline is Friday, November 6th at 11:59PM ET

ARX League One: New Entries Closed, Scrutineering deadline is Friday, November 6th at 11:59PM ET

ARX Super 1250: New Entries Allowed, until Friday, November 6th at 11:59PM ET

All classes: Drivers must be submitted no later than Sunday, November 8th at 11:59 PM ET

And finally, a breakdown of how the classes look so far:

ARX Premier League: 10 entries, 1 more pending resubmission

ARX League One: 20 entries, 3 more pending resubmission

ARX Super 1250: 7 entries

Thank you to everyone who have submitted entries to this season of the Automation Rallycross League, I wish you all the best of luck in the coming season!


Yeah apologies, I’m the Premier League entrant who had the pending resubmission lol

That’s what happens when your car bumps up against the regulations in every single way. To list:

  • Maximum hp for fuel burn to the exact 0.1hp (658.9bhp)
  • Minimum weight to the nearest 0.1kg (1000.0kg)
  • Maximum ET to the nearest 0.1ET (150)
  • Minimum safety to the nearest 0.1 (50.0)
  • Maximum downforce to the nearest 0.1kg (499.9kg)

I sure hope it exported correctly!

Armada Pint RX

Armada Racing returns to the fray to defend their hard-fought championship with the same Pint RX. At least, in name. Thanks to the breakthrough win for both the team and their young driver, Hsiu-Yinn “Spitfire” Lim, the factory team now has far greater wealth and investment at their disposal. Where the previous year’s car was a converted and reskinned model with a crate engine from its bigger cousin, the Fore R, this year’s entrant bears only skin-deep resemblance to its production model. Engineered to within a millimeter of the rules, Armada have gone full send, go hard or go home, no guts no glory. Ready to put their money where their mouth is, the special edition livery proclaims the brand identity deeply tied to the company origins and the memory of their forefathers.

Want the trophy? Catch us if you can.

Press Release Photos


The weather forecasts are as follows for this season of ARXL! Please note that POP stands for Probability of Precipitation:

Round Round Name Day One Weather Day Two Weather
1 Disco Systems RallyX Suomi Periods of Snow, 100% POP, slow improvement Chance of flurries, 70% POP, deteriorating
2 Coma RallyX de Espana Partly cloudy, 10% POP, slow improvement Sunny, 0% POP, no change
3 Whineykin RX Benelux Rain, 100% POP, slow deterioration Rain, 100% POP, no change
4 Gulp Oil Rallycross of Great Britain Cloudy and showery, 50% POP, slow deterioration Cloudy, 50% POP, slow deterioration
5 Team Staboil RallyX Norway Cloudy and showery, 80% POP, slow improvement Rain, at times heavy, 100% POP, rapid deterioration
6 RX Sweden Presented By Blotify Cloudy and showery, 70% POP, no change Cloudy and showery, 80% POP, deteriorating
7 Tyrelli World RX of Canada Mostly sunny, 0% POP, no change Sunny, 0% POP, no change
8 Air Trance RallyX de France Cloudy and showery, 80 % POP, slow improvement Rain, at times heavy, 100% POP, rapidly deteriorating
9 Boscc RallyX of Latvia Overcast, 30% POP, slow deterioration Rain, 100% POP, no change
10 Snackers RX Nurburgring Mostly cloudy with thunderstorms, 40% POP, no change Sunny, 0% POP, no change
11 Fujisaki Tires RX of South Africa Overcast, 30% POP, no change Mostly cloudy, 0% POP, no change
12 Sea Fuels RallyX of Abu Dhabi Sunny, 0% POP, no change Sunny, 0% POP, no change

The ARXL Pace Control Form is now active, I am now accepting Pace Control instructions for all rounds. The deadline for the first three rounds of the season is this Sunday!


The deadline is quickly looming for ARXL, so it’s time for a friendly reminder to anyone participating that if there is anything you haven’t submitted to me, you need to do so rather quickly now. Here are the people I need to hear from still, and for what:

@DoctorNarfy I need feedback regarding your returning driver for this season; please check your PMs.

@Vena.Sera423, @mart1n2005 and @chiefzach2018 I still need drivers for your ARX League One cars. If you don’t respond, you will be randomly assigned one of the out of work drivers from Season One!

Speaking of @chiefzach2018, I still need your updated Super 1250 entry as well!

Also @SurrealCereal if you can get a legal car in to me, you still have a spot held for you in this challenge, if you like.


yeah, I’ve been busy with school and the like, and there’s a tropical storm headed my way so my connection might be sketchy for the next few days


I’ll take one of the pre-list drivers.


Disco Systems RallyX Suomi, Day One (Qualifying Rounds)

The opening round of the ARXL Championship began under trying weather conditions at the Tykkimaki Circuit in central Finland, with strong winds, heavy snow and treacherous track conditions greeting the fans and competitors alike. Even by Finnish standards, the weather was truly atrocious for the weekend. Regardless, the competitors pressed on, and the few fans hardy enough to attend were treated to a spectacular show!


Race one started with a bang - literally - as the #4 Delta Motorsports car collided with Team Kitanishi’s #96 machine in the second corner, damaging both cars heavily and ending their contention for the heat victory almost immediately. After a strong start by Aarto Virtanen in the #7 Haapala, Kuma’s Charlie LeClair made a spectacular pass around the outside of Virtanen on the first lap, and never looked back, cruising to a comfortable heat victory.

Shromet’s Pablo Sanchez cruised to an easy heat victory in the second race, after defending champion Hsiu-Yinn Lim collided with the #36 Merciel of Matt Sierra on the first lap, both cars struggling with damage and driveability issues for the rest of the race, the teams finding the un-cooperative weather making it a struggle to repair their damaged machines for the next set of qualifying races.

Marie-Claire Allemand found the going to be particularly easy, monstering the challenging conditions in her Hwa Vigil, it’s gentle, easy-driving nature giving a huge advantage in the drifting snow and ice on the track for the third and final race in Q1. Pekka Heikkinen, fresh off signing a lucrative long-term contract with Team Red Cock Energy Liquid, struggled to find grip on the surface, and was beset by mechanical problems right from the start, the #80 Pepperbomb stalling out at the start and not looking competitive for the rest of the heat.


The snow shower that hampered first qualifying let off for the start of second qualifying, giving a much-needed reprieve to Yuki Fujishima in the #96 Kitanishi Nirva, allowing the young Japanese driver to storm to an easy heat win, and the third-best time in Q2. Eino Vatanen looked much more comfortable this round, finishing well ahead of Kevin Michaels, while Heikkinen continued to struggle with gremlins at the rear, the #80 car falling victim to the treacherous second corner, crashing hard into the barriers and causing considerable body damage.

Matt Sierra drove a wonderful recovery in the second race, slotting the #36 Pixi into the second-best time in the session, well ahead of Virtanen in the Haapala and Marshall in the FMR HiWay. Lim’s woes continued, as the heavily-damaged Pint struggled with driveability issues, the team unable to fix all of the damage from the Q1 incident.

Charlie LeClair once again proved himself to be a formidable driver, though deteriorating track conditions limited the demonstration of the young Frenchman’s talents, finishing well back of heat winner Allemand in the #707 Hwa. Sanchez looked sharp through the first two laps of the final race, but a heavy crash on Lap 3 ended his chances of finishing ahead of LeClair in this round of qualifying.


After struggling through the first two sessions, Pekka Heikkinen took an easy victory in the first heat of Q3, after Kevin Michaels bumped Pablo Sanchez into the wall on the start. Both the Shromet and the KMC were damaged, but the Shromet came out much the worse for wear from the encounter.

Frustration again for Hsiu-Yinn Lim in the #1 Armada, a huge accident out of the lead on Lap 2 of the second race ending her race weekend, allowing the Haapala of Virtanen to cruise to an easy heat victory, enroute to the second-best time of the qualifying session, fully thirty seconds ahead of Charlie LeClair’s Kuma, who suffered suspension damage while running wide at the bottom of the track.

The #707 Hwa proved again to be the class of the field in these challenging conditions, cruising to an easy victory in the final race of Q3, well clear of the #96 Kitanishi and the #36 Merciel, both of which opted for a cautious approach after slamming into each other in the first corner of the track.


The final qualifying session of the first race, many drivers feeling the pressure to put up a good result to ensure their spot in the semi-finals tomorrow. With the retirement of Lim, Q4 was condensed into two races instead of the planned three. Jaimz Marshall sped to an easy heat win in the first race, after Pekka Heikkinen crashed again on the first lap, much to the dismay of the large crowd of his fans attending the race. Pablo Sanchez limped his Shromet home in a valiant effort, with the knowledge that just finishing their race would guarantee a spot in the semi-finals.

Allemand took the easy victory in the final heat, dominating once again over the #7 Haapala, who found themselves in a titanic battle with LeClair’s #33 Kuma. After a poor start, LeClair reeled in Virtanen’s Haapala as the laps wore on, but simply ran out of time, the Frenchman finishing a mere half-second behind Virtanen.

Intermediate Classification


Conditions were difficult at the start of qualifying for ARX League One, with snow drifting over the icy track in large drifts. Undaunted, the first race began with a wild accident involving four of the five cars, with only William Cunningham’s FWM Mirra to escape the carnage unscathed. Alison Wondersley’s Gnoo Goblin got upset going into the first corner after contact with Martin Bayer in the #3 Cisalpina, collecting Reiko Nagase and Mikah Jameson in the process. All cars were heavily damaged, with the #7 Goblin taking the worst of it.

Markus Hutter looked sharp in the SWISSRA entry, cruising to an easy victory in the second race, and the top time in the session, finishing some twenty seconds ahead of Job Van Uitert’s #83 AMP Autodelta. Rena Hayami drove a competitive race behind Van Uitert, after a nasty first-lap incident involving the #186 Daylily and the #5 GAA Volche damaged both cars, the #5 of Gus Block taking by far the worst of it. Stefan Banach in the OBRSO Hussar opted for a cautious strategy, avoiding trouble to cruise to a slow, but safe fourth place in the heat.

Feihong Luo dominated the third race, the #26 Huangdou Sprite a full thirty seconds ahead of Sabine Weber’s Motorpop Kiai. Kenji Nishida finished third in the #77 Hana Raiden ARX, well clear of Elaine Eisenberg in the #598 EFI Soma, who had a coming together with the hard-charging Riley Phillips on the first lap, the young Brit unfortunately being on the short end of that encounter.

Duncan Duff took top honours in the final race of the session, after a thrilling battle with second-place Harry Davies for Knightwick RX Racing and Buy2Get1Free’s Elin Arbez. The young Canadian in the #404 Mons took top honours out of the group, with Davies just edging out Arbez for second place. Dominic Andrew-Scott suffered a horror race, crashing hard twice and retiring his car on the second lap, the #91 Bramhall’s promising weekend coming to a premature end.


With three heats instead of four, Stefan Banach negotiated the traffic and challenging conditions to take the top spot in the first heat, finishing third overall in the entire session ahead of an admittedly battle-scarred cohort of cars, with Phillips nursing his still-damaged #96 Zephorus to a distant, though respectable second-place finish. Martin Bayer struggled to try and match the pace of Gus Block ahead, the #3 Cisalpina still showing signs of not quite being right, while managing to still hold off Mulle Meck and Mikah Jameson behind him.

Elin Arbez took the top spot in the second race, and the second-best time of the session, cruising to a flawless heat win over Saki Mochizuki’s Daylily and Elaine Eisenberg’s EFI Soma, those two cars putting on a spectacular battle for position all race long. With Eisenberg leading Mochizuki on the final lap, the Daylily driver dove into the joker lap and put together one of the best sectors of the day so far, nosing ahead of the #598, finishing a mere twenty-five thousandths of a second ahead. Amanda Huuginkis in the Yinzer Lamprey finished fourth, ahead of Kenji Nishida in the Hana Raiden, whose spin on the second lap proved to be costly.

Feihong Luo once again proved to be the cream of the crop, finishing with the best time of the session once again in the final heat, well clear of Rena Hayami’s #76 Wade Monster, who only just held off a late charge by the #55 Motorpop of Sabine Weber. Autodelta’s Job Van Uitert damaged his car on the second lap while trying to put an overtake on William Cunningham, putting the #83 machine into the wall and dashing his hopes of a strong finish in this race, and damaging the #423 FWM in the process.


Mikah Jameson stormed off to a decisive victory in the first race of Q3, his #56 Kazuki Kita finally running at more or less full-strength again after two tough races before. Ace Racing’s Reiko Nagase held off Hooligan’s Gus Block for second, with Martin Bayer finishing best of the rest of the heavily damaged cars.

William Cunningham was back in fine form in the second race, taking the second-best time of the session and winning the heat easily over the #77 Hana Raiden, who managed somehow to keep a hard-charging but sloppy Job Van Uitert behind. Huuginkis and Duff followed closely behind, while Markus Hutter’s #63 Munot Starkwind looked unpredictable and unhappy in these conditions, finishing well back in sixth place. Harry Davies retired the #34 Knightwick after a big crash on the third lap, spoiling the team’s promising debut weekend.

Feihong Luo made it three for three in qualifying, finishing dominantly over Elaine Eisenberg in the #598 EFI Soma, after yet another thrilling battle, this time with the #76 Wade Monster of Rena Hayami. Saki Mochizuki and Stefan Banach rounded out the top five, with Elin Arbez well back after contact involving the #55 Motorpop of Sabine Weber, whose strong weekend also came to an abrupt end on the final lap, the car damaged beyond repair.


Four small heats once again, though with dramatically fewer competitors than we started with! Riley Phllips topped the charts in the first heat, his #94 Zephorous finally resembling the car they started the weekend with, putting in a strong run good enough for fourth place in the session. Martin Bayer’s Cisalpina showed signs of life as well in the slightly better conditions, and with the car mostly repaired as well, finishing second in the heat, ahead of Gus Block’s GAA Volche. Mulle Meck stole fourth place from Alison Wondersley after the Brit made a costly mistake on the final lap, losing out on a valuable finishing position.

Elin Arbez romped to an easy win in the second heat, well ahead of second-place Duncan Duff in the #404 Mons, who was just able to keep an aggressive Markus Hutter behind him at the line. Amanda Huuginkis suffered an unspecified mechanical failure on the grid for their race, but was still able to finish fourth after Reiko Nagase crashed the #10 Nagase Zenith on the final lap.

Stefan Banach made a strong finish in Day One qualifying with a decisive victory in the third heat, finishing well clear of Saki Mochizuki and Kenji Nishida. Job Van Uitert and Mikah Jameson had a coming together on the second lap, and with another costly mistake by the #56 Kazuki’s driver, allowed the Dutchman to finish a relatively easy fourth place.

Feihong Luo swept the board with a fourth win in qualifying, taking the top spot easily over Rena Hayami and WIlliam Cunningham. Elaine Eisenberg crashed in the start sector, damaging the #598 EFI Soma and slowing the car considerably, in what could have been yet another strong finish for the Thai team.

Intermediate Classification


The new Super 1250 Class of cars was hotly anticipated by many, as being a hyper-competitive, affordable alternative to the outrageous Supercar tier, and it did not disappoint. In the first race of Q1, Ralliheart’s Riku Jokinen stole the victory from Sandswimmers’ Bruce Mooseview, with two excellent laps by Jokinen to end the race, closing the gap and then overtaking the lone FABEL in the field with ease. Charlie Martin and Karina Meister crashed into each other on the first lap, damaging both cars in the process and dashing their hopes for a strong finish.

Tsubasa Arima monstered the course in their Kadett Club, finishing a full ten seconds ahead of Chizuru Mizuhara in the #599 My Heart Is Racing entry. Kenneth Visser finished close behind the #599, a mistake on his final lap costing him the chance at second place in the heat, while Carina Flannagan too ran wide on the final lap, putting her a still-very-competitive fourth place behind Visser.


Riku Jokinen took the top spot in the first race of Q2, running away from Bruce Mooseview in the FABEL for a decisive victory. Karina Meister struggled with a damaged car still in the second race, struggling to keep pace with Mooseview’s Etoile, while Charlie Martin’s heavily damaged Kadett still struggled to find any kind of pace even after extensive repairs.

Tsubasa Arima made it two for two with a victory in the second race, her Kadett running quickly and predictably in the very challenging conditions to an easy win. Karina Flannagan and Chizuru Mizuhara fought a wild battle for position all race long, with the final couple of laps allowing the #599 to just edge in front if Flannagan’s Evgenis. Kenneth Visser suffered a mechanical failure on the starting grid, and struggled for pace all race long, finishing a distant fourth, the team puzzled as to what is ailing the #23 Kadett.


After some frenetic repairs, and some helpful consultation from the Kadett technical rep, Kenneth Visser put it all together in the first race, putting the #23 car on the top of the chart, good enough for fourth overall in the sesion. Karina Meister and Charlie Martin fought a wild battle for position all race long, with the young Brit just edging the German driver for second place. Bruce Mooseview struggled in the FABEL, having damaged the #32 car’s suspension while running wide during the starting sector.

Carina Flannagan took the top spot in the second race, showing the true potential of her and her Evgenis Valkyrie, finishing four seconds ahead of the #599 Kadett of Chizuru Mizuhara, who found themselves in a tough battle to stay ahead of the hard-charging #74 Valkyria of Riku Jokinen. Tsubasa Arima ran wide on the first lap and damaged her suspension as well, struggling to keep the wayward Kadett on track for the rest of the race.


Tsubasa Arima drove brilliantly to recover from their misfortune in Q3, finishing with the top time in the session and the top time in the first race, twelve seconds ahead of Bruce Mooseview in the #32 FABEL. Karina Meister drove a careful race to finish third in the group, well ahead of Charlie Martin, who would rather just forget about this weekend and move on to the warmer climes in Spain.

Chizuru Mizuhara took their first heat win of the season, finishing eight seconds clear of a wild battle between Carina Flannagan and Riku Jokinen, the New Zealander finishing a mere three-quarters of a second ahead of the Finn for second place. Kenneth Visser’s misfortune continued with a crash on the first lap, damaging his Kadett once again and putting them out of contention in the race.

Intermediate Classification


Well fuck, that was unexpected.

What the hell did I do.


Andrew-Scott Out, Bramhall unimpressed

Dominic Andrew-Scott suffered a horrific weekend before it truly began. Dominic was tangled up in the barriers at the end of lap 1 while trying to make up for a poor race start. He began to catch up to the pack before losing it and putting himself out of contention of a reasonable finish. The damage done to the car caused the ARXL rookie to lose it in sector 2 on his second lap.

Kevin Ryde, the designer and spotter for Andrew-Scott was seen grimacing as the car slid into the barriers for the second time, bouncing off and into the field behind it. The car was sitting on the floor with collapsed rear suspension and a wheel sticking out at the top, so moving it was going to be tough. Luckily for the organisers Andrew-Scott’s car was out of the way, having found itself off track and beyond the barrier line.

Andrew-Scott was unhurt, clambering out of the car and wandering off towards the Southark Racing awning. He was seen slamming the door behind him, understandably angry with the events that had transpired. Ryde continued to watch from his spotters hill until the end of the round. It was clear that the car was far off pace in all areas. There would need to be significant development across the board if the car was going to be anywhere near the top.

Later on, Kevin spoke with us. “We struggled to get the car in the right window and we think we know why. The whole car struggles with a balance issue, something with the rear of the car. This is a brand new area for us even with my prior experience. These engines are incredibly powerful for their size, something I’m still quite surprised by. Mikey (Andrew-Scott’s dad) helped us build this engine, with our R&D from Bramhall helping us along. The annoying thing is that this is the best car the team has built so far. We are miles ahead of last years BRX car, but ARXL is just on such a higher level, and we need to step up to this challenge. Dom is a good driver, he’s understandably frustrated but he’ll push through.”

Andrew-Scott refused to talk to us today, however the team has stated their intent to remain trackside in order to learn and develop their car and process.


Disco Systems RallyX Suomi, Day Two (Finals)

The atrocious weather that plagued the first day of RallyX Suomi let up considerably, with cold, clear skies replacing the driving blizzard of the day before, though track conditions still remained very challenging, the Tykkimaki Circuit taking a heavy toll on all competitors on Day 1. The remaining teams were very excited to be in the elimination rounds today, with the drivers buzzing before the racing began in earnest.

Semi-Final 1

The races began with the first Premier League Semi-Final, the four cars fully-repaired and lined up on the starting grid. Aatto Virtanen got the jump on everyone at the start, leading by half a second at the start of the first lap, with Pekka Heikkinen hot on his tail. Disaster struck the #80 Pepperbomb in the treacherous second corner once again, as Yuki Fujishima spun Heikkinen around and into the inside wall, damaging the #80 car and spoiling its race, finishing a distant fourth place behind. Jaimz Marshall and the #68 FMR ran a clean race to finish second, with Fujishima’s #96 Kitanishi oh so close behind, unfortunately relegating that car to the bubble seat, in danger of elimination from the final. In the end, it was Virtanen who took the win, after a nearly flawless drive in the #7 Haapala, delighting the hometown crowd.

Semi-Final 2

Marie-Claire Allemand continued her strong weekend as well, with a nearly flawless drive in the second semi-final race, finishing well clear of Matt Sierra’s Merciel Pixi and Pablo Sanchez’s Shromet, the two rivals from Season One putting on a spectacular show of driving behind, swapping the lead no fewer than six times, and finishing with less than three quarters of a second between them. Kuma’s Charlie LeClair fared less well, after getting squeezed between Sierra and Sanchez on the first lap, getting forced off the track and damaging his suspension, finishing well back of the other two drivers.


The first final race of Season Two began with a wild start; Allemand, Virtanen and Sierra got away cleanly but Marshall bogged down, falling behind all three drivers at beginning of the first lap. Allemand roared off into the distance, her easy-driving Hwa proving once again to be the master of the snowy conditions here in Finland, finishing almost a full lap up on Aatto Virtanen’s Haapala. Jaimz Marshall recovered brilliantly from his sloppy start, but couldn’t quite prove to be a match for Virtanen ahead, finishing four and a half seconds behind the Finn in third place. Matt Sierra experienced some sort of failure in his car on the first lap and limped home in fourth place, a disappointing end to what was an otherwise promising opening round of the season.

Final Classification

Semi-Final 1

Feihong Luo continued Huangdou’s strong debut in ARXL in the first semi-final, recovering from a mediocre start to take an easy win, the young Chinese driver putting together a nearly flawless race to come out some thirty seconds ahead of Job Van Uitert in the Autodelta. A hard-fought battle between Van Uitert and the #63 Munot Starkwind of Markus Hutter thrilled the fans, with the drivers swapping places in a wild, if a bit sloppy, battle for second place. Elaine Eisenberg was right with Van Uitert and Hutter, but a costly spin on Lap 2 after narrowly avoiding a spun-out Kenji Nishida in the #77 Hana Raiden put her out of contention, and just on the outside looking in at the finals. Rena Hayami caromed off the wall just at the end of Lap 2, damaging her #76 Wade Racing machine, and taking her out of contention for a spot in the finals, finishing a distant sixth place.

Semi-Final 2

Track conditions improved slightly for the second semi-final, with William Cunningham in the #423 FWM making the best of the situation with a consistent drive to win his semi-final race. Stefan Banach and Elin Arbez fought hard for second place, both drivers pushing each other harder and harder to finish the race, though a late mistake by Arbez cost her second place, allowing Banach to slip past right at the end. Saki Mochizuki struggled to find pace in the semi-final, finishing fourth overall, ahead of Duncan Duff’s Mons RX19, which crashed in the first corner, damaging the car and taking it out of contention for the remainder of the race.


Feihong Luo made it a perfect weekend for Bilibili Huangdou Racing, sweeping to a dominant victory in the League One final and taking the maximum possible 60 Championship Points in doing so. A hair-raising off-track excursion on the final lap excluded, the #26 Sprite drove a consistently fast race, with no other team able to effectively mount a challenge. Autodelta’s Job Van Uitert and SWISSRA’s Markus Hutter renewed their semi-final battle, thrilling the fans again with a wild battle for second place, with Van Uitert once again just besting his Swiss rival. Elin Arbez damaged her car on the first lap in a collision with the #423 FWM of William Cunningham, taking her out of contention for a podium early, a disappointing result for what should be a very fast combination of driver and car. Stefan Banach too suffered, with the #42 OBRSO Hussar not showing any of the pace that his car showed earlier in the weekend, the team unable to place the source of whatever failure that caused it.

Final Classification

Semi-Final 1

Chizuru Mizuhara started cleanly in the first Super 1250 semi-final and never looked back, driving the only clean, consistent race in the entire final, finishing twelve seconds ahead of Bruce Mooseview’s FABEL in second place. Mooseview had a thrilling battle with Autodelta’s Charlie Martin, swooping through on Lap 5 for a spectacular pass on the #84 Kadett, and holding the young Brit off to hold onto second by three-tenths of a second. Riku Jokinen had a race to forget, numerous small errors through the race costing the Finn dearly.

Semi-Final 2

Tsubasa Arima’s strong weekend continued to get better, the young Japanese driver putting on a clinic in the second semi-final, finishing a dominant nine seconds ahead of Buy 2 Get 1 Free’s Carina Flannagan, who struggled to find the pace in her Evgenis Valkyrie in comparison. Regardless, Flannagan put into the finals, after Karina Meister collided with Kenneth Visser on the first lap, both cars struggling with damage for the rest of the race. Visser especially came out worse for wear, his Kadett seemingly struggling to track straight on the track with bent or broken suspension parts.


A thrilling final for the first race of the Super 1250 formula, with Tsubasa Arima taking the first win of the season, after a hard-fought battle with Carina Flannagan and fellow Japanese driver Chizuru Mizuhara. All three drivers were very close to each other, until a mistake by Mizuhara on the last lap forced Flannagan wide, allowing Arima to finish the race largely unconstested. Bruce Mooseview struggled to find pace in the FABEL, the team talking about a serious suspension issue that cropped up in the final lap of the semi-final race, which left the #23 Etoile uncompetitive in the final.

Final Classification

Season Standings


Well, that was a wholely unexpected result.

Guess the Vigil is a solid snowmobile compared to whatever else it wants to drive on.

GGs to all, I expect to be hammered by Ballast for the next few rounds.


Well that’s literally the worst possible way to start off the season :joy: Lim had a crash in the first round of the last season too, but this time it was two and they both did a number on the car!

Well, it’s a ways to go yet. Next week is another chance.


Wasn’t the best round for Charlie, but was solid enough. Definitely pushed too hard in the snow, but not the worst result from it.

Tsubasa though, that’s definitely super solid start to the season, showing off her pace while everyone is on equal-ish grounds. Definitely gotta be careful with the ballasts though.

Overall, solid showing for Team SCH!


At least I wasn’t the only DNF


Went about as well as brc for me. Hopefully a nice dry track will be up soon


Interesting to see my ARXL One driver is currently second. And my Super 1250 driver is currently last place. Well, I know on which team the Autodelta marketing department is going to focus if these results are anywhere near what will happen in the rest of the season :joy:


3rd place??? Wasn’t expecting any podiums!!!


We caught up with Alex “AA” Adams, Mons Racing sporting director, in the local bar behind the Tykkimaki circuit, sipping his favourite Finnish vodka. After three shots he was ready to talk:

Well, that was a weekend...the first race weekend for Mons Racing. Baptism by snow, more like. Not much to complain about, really. We are solidly in the midfield, just about what we aimed for. We were actually off to a fantastic start by winning the very first heat and finishing in 7th place in the first quali, but then things just took a slow slide - no pun intended.You'd think that being a Canadian team with a Canadian driver, we'd be great in the snow, eh? In any case, Canadians might encounter snow all the time, but that doesn't mean we know how to drive in it...

AA then slips me this action shot of the day; he did not confirm nor deny if Duff was involved in this incident:

We tried to find rookie driver Duncan Duff for comment, but once again, he was nowhere to be found.