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Automation Stream Test (AST) Live testing your cars


Hey all,

So some may have noticed I have started streaming Automation/Beam regularly. Now I’m looking to make a more regular approach to it by featuring specific classes / challenges for cars per stream.

And thus the Automation Stream Test “Challenge” is born. (AST for short).

If I feel like testing a particular class / era / type / etc. of car for a stream I will announce it here for anyone to participate in. This “challenge” will happen semi-regularily, as I stream what I think would be fun and entertaining.

Note that I cannot guarantee I will play Automation/Beam every stream. Because I may play whatever game suits my fancy that day.

My streaming schedule [as of 4-29-19]:
Thursdays at 7:30pm - 10:30pm cst (UTC -6hr)
Channel Link: FindRED on Twitch

So, on with the show:

AST One:

Regular 60’s Cars

Example regular 60’s American car via Wikipedia

Bring your regular (and preferably your company Lore friendly) 1960s sedans to see how they drive civilly, and possibly how well they jump going down hill for that famous 60’s detective movie… :wink:

I will take a quick look and critique at the car in automation, and then throw it into beam to drive. (with a full wheel set)


  • 1960s era trim & engine
  • Preferably a Sedan, but coupes and pickup trucks are welcome.
  • Preferably NOT the top tier trim, rather base to mid trims (aka: regular 60s cars that are affordable)
  • Preferably less than 300 hp (Yes I’m talking to you crazy American Bastards! LOL*)
  • A design that shows thoughtful time put into it (IE: not a 3 fixture wonder slapped together 5 minutes before stream starts)
  • Stable Release of Automation

That’s about it. I reserve the right to “disqualify” (or not drive in Beam) anyone’s entry in the interest of quality of the stream and/or of my own sanity.

Naming Scheme:
Please put your forum username in the chassis name in parenthesis () if you can and same in the engine name, as that will make keeping who’s who straight with who makes what.

DM me the .car file here on the forums.

This is for the upcoming stream on May 9, 2019 again at 7:30pm cst (UTC -6hr) my local time
(and maybe the next stream too, I will see how this goes)

*I am an American, I know how we can be.


I don’t think it matters as to whether or not we choose regular or super leaded for our submissions, does it?


na, Just choose whatever seems more appropriate for the car / company / trim.


Sorry, this first stream was plagued by surprise technical problems I have not seen before.

Next stream on May 9th will be the same theme, “1960s regular sedans”.

One note: feel free to submit pre-existing cars you have that meet the criteria, you don’t need to make totally new ones (unless you want to of course :wink:)


by 60’s era, does that mean '60 - '69?


Yep, 60-69