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Automation Sunday Cup - Race 2: Fuji


Doing even better than in Tsukuba? Fantastic!

Actually beating the EVO? Anna is satisfied with her tuning but also secretly devastated inside :joy: (also haha to even more of you slower than a sofa :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also the continued strong MM showing will quite possibly be a reputation boost for the brand, I didn’t expect them to be all up the pointy end!


Sundgaü Motorsports, which are, by the way, totally not endorsed by FAAL in any way, may I remind you

On the radio, mid race:

Loïc: "Deborah Taj Anapol (1951–2015) was an American clinical psychologist and one of the founders of the polyamory movement,[1] which started in the 1980s.[2] Known for her work in erotic spirituality, ecosex,[3] neotantra and Pelvic-Heart Integration,[4] she was an advocate for multiple love and sacred sexuality. Her work made early use of the Internet to gather and organize like-minded people. She was also the co-founder of the magazine Loving More[5] and its conferences. She wrote one of the first books on polyamory, Love Without Limits (1992); which was expanded and reissued as Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits, in 1997. An expert columnist for Psychology Today,[6] she blogged at “Love Without Limits, Reports from the relationship frontier.”

Julien: “Dude are you literally reading the encyclopedia while driving?..”


Julien: “Won’t say that I told you, but I fucking told you. You wanted a reasonable tune, you got a reasonable tune. Enjoy your reasonable results. I could have gotten 314hp out of this but nooooo, fuel economy my boy. By the way, you know the lead Keika does better than you in that department?”

Loïc: angry Alsacian noises


CSM's Tales, Episode 2: Best laid plan? Not so much.

The place is Fuji’s pitlanes, the time is sunset. You know, those really epic sunsets that appear at the end of the manliest anime episodes from the past? No? Well, at least the context is there…

Charlie: (sighs) Well, so much for the main straight plan, Manny.

Manny: Ok, perhaps I was a little too… joyed with the prospect of a faster track and our turbo?

Charlie: Yeah, we’ll go with “joyed”. Once again the best we could manage is a top 30…

Manny: Nashie I know this is one of my classic silver linings, but you did outlast the Mystery Machine. One of Ross’s biggest rivals! And you did it with a sputtering car, no less.

Charlie: Thanks to your blasted turbo, smart ass. What goes does this powerless thing do if it can’t even manage fuel economy?

Manny: …beat Eric Johnrosh?

Charlie: When the chakras align in the Heavens, maybe. As for beating Oliver, on the other hand…

Manny: Yep, we’ve seen the Sagitta’s true colors. The crimson colors of a true oni, thirsty for blood.

Charlie: I think you had too much sake for one Asian weekend, Manny. So, what’s next…?

Manny: Ok, let’s be realistic. We don’t have the pace, we don’t have the fuel economy. The car is neither nimble on short circuits, nor fast on long ones.
Let’s focus on the one thing this car has done consistently. You do you and bring that Kyori home every race. We won’t be known for speed, but we can be known for tenacity. Whaddaya think?

Charlie: …fine, it’s as a good start as any. Onwards to the Killrob Raceway…

To be continued!


Throwback Club - Race 2 (Fuji)

Lap 98, Oliver is sweating as he tries to nail the lines through the track. He loses focus for a second, victim of tunel vision; the radio suddenly beeps.

Flores: “Careful, careful, inside, inside, INSIDE!”

Oliver corrected, just barely missing the ERA he seemed to be destined to crash into. Braking into the next corner, Oliver recovers the racing line before letting more time be wasted.

Oliver: “That was close. Didn’t see him. Tell Mountain Pass this is my bad.”

The two last laps were mostly uneventful, without Oliver being able to get anywhere near Williams. He crosses the finish line in second place after a final sprint at the last straight. After a enthusiastic celebration at the podium and congratulating Williams and Faulkner for a great race, Oliver returned to the pits, hugging and celebrating with his teammates. After the morale had died down, Chen started checking the championship standings.

Chen: “You went from last to sixth in the championship standings in just one race. Great job out there, Oliver.”

Oliver grabbed a towel to clean the sweat in his forehead.

Oliver: “Thank you. What’s next?”

Chan: “New Zealand. The Automation Test Track.”

Oliver: “We better get ready, I’ve heard it’s not precisely an easy one…if you excuse me, I’m gonna pay Mountain Pass a visit and apologize for nearly hitting them.”

Chen: “Sure, don’t take long though, we’re gonna start packing up soon.”

Oliver put his beloved cap on, before walking down the pits. As he walked past the CSM pits, he saluted Charlie and his crew friendly before resuming his stroll. He was soon in front of the pits chosen by Mountain Pass.

Oliver: “Hello. Who’s Andrew?”

One of Andrew’s teammates gestured towards the driver, who was helping pack up for the day.

Oliver: “Hey, I’m the driver of the Sagitta…sorry about what happened out there. Tunnel vision almost made me crash into you.”

To be continued.

(@HighOctaneLove this part is on you :wink:)


Andrew: Hey, no worries man. It was kinda my fault for bringing a .22 rifle to a 50 cal sniper rifle match! I’m just glad I don’t have to catch the bus home again… Apology accepted!

Andrew then turned back to his task, packing the stolen toilet paper from the racers lounge into the front compartment of his Maglev…

(@Mr.Computah thanks for the RP opportunity!)



The race at Fuji can best be described with one word - disaster! After a start that was looking promising, I was out after a crash already in the beginning of the race. I am sure that the Miro can be repaired to be ready for the next race at Automation test track though. See you then!