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Automation VRchat, anyone?


Title says it all. Now who’s up for it?


Aha but do you know da wae to VRchat


I do know da wae clicking intensifies


I’ll be on it by next week once I’m back with my main computer. Hopefully.


well, first off, A: Where do I get the software, B: VR Headset required?


A: Steam, free


So far “Let’s use this software that nobody has any clue about, and we got no clue what is required”. This is the best thread ever.


It’s called discovery! Oooo aaaaa new things!


I don’t like new things, there may be new germs on them.


should note one thing, looked it up on steam, minimum specifications require a GTX 970/FX 8350 or greater


In other words - not an automation forums’ forte :smiley:


to note though, that’s specifically for VR mode though, if you at least have a mic it should work on your 3 year old budget GPU if you run it in desktop mode


I just looked at VRChat on steam, the only requirement I don’t meet is the processor. My poor poor i3 is just a thorn in my side… Can’t wait for RAM prices to drop so I can get my Ryzen stuff up and running.


Ah, yes, RAM prices are :poop: right now. When I upgraded mid-2016, I was able to get 16GB DDR4 for $100 USD, now that much money only gets you 8GB.


I got it running fine on my 10 year old and throttled Xeon X5460, I think your processor is more than capable


I keep looking and considering but I’m too worried about the possibility of spending 2 hours being accosted by Ugandan Knuckles and not finding out what else, if anything, there is on offer.


You really only have to interact with the Knuckles tribe if you want to (read: if you know de wae). You can choose to avoid them entirely and it’s incredibly easy to do so.


My biggest concern would be the meltdown and spectre patch performance issues that may creep up.


I’ve installed all windows updates that supposedly patch it, haven’t really noticed any real difference tbh. still runs hot but gives playable performance


VRChat seems like Second Life on easy mode.