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Automation vs BeamNG on ATT


For those of you who have both games, I’m asking: Has anybody matched their projected lap times on the ATT? I know automation is a “perfect” environment, so it should be REALLY hard to achieve. I’m asking because I ran a car and the game spazzed out. Time trial showed lap 2 at something like 1:52, but it should have been around 2:50 (5 +1/2 minutes for 2 laps)

How close are your lap times?


Depending on the type of car, I can outperform Automation by a few seconre or not finish a lap because of a crash. No inbetween :t

The thing is, Beam allows you to take risks the Automation AI wouldn’t take, so it kinda helps


With some “old” low powered cars with boxy design, not really as I dont achieve same high end acceleration, and often my top speed drags 20kmh below what the automation driver get’s.
How ever that is only very minor time that I lose.
On average powered car how ever, I often run couple seconds faster, as I can take risks that the automation driver doesn’t, and sometimes I can take advantage from small slides which the Automation driver would never do.
On very high end sportscars it’s hit and miss, depends how well I get it handling.