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Automation vs Real-Life Sales - GM Alpha Platform Cars


Let’s see how close my 46-trim, 3-model stress test of GM’s Alpha Platform cars (ATS, 3rd Gen CTS, 6th Gen Camaro) stacked up against their real-life counterparts in terms of total sales.

The #2 and #3 trims seem very realistic in terms of popularity vs real life (LS - rental spec, 2LT - well equipped, but lower-priced trim). I think the V6 1LE Track Pack is an outlier. Automation buyers love it, but it’s a niche trim in real life. I’m aware the goal for later iterations of the game is to give players the ability to limit production on certain trims. I definitely would’ve done that in this case.

Let’s look at TOTAL cars sold next.

(USA and Canada)
Real-life Cadillac ATS sales: 153,536
Real-life 3rd Gen Cadillac CTS sales: 108,743
Real-life 6th Gen Camaro sales: 286,988
∑ = 549,267

Sales were about 2x reality, but all things considered I think Automation did very well in approximating how these cars could’ve sold in an alternate reality! Three things that could explain the discrepancy:

  • Trims like the V6 1LE Track Pack sold in huge numbers in the game - in real life they’re limited production. The same could be said for all the high-performance trims across all the 3 models in the game.

  • The market size of the fictional automation countries vs. real life countries.

  • Economic growth rates (recession/growth) of the fictional countries vs. real life countries.

It was a fun exercise still! This game never ceases to impress!

Happy New Year all! :new:


Pretty crazy little run that :smiley: nicely done. They were all priced correctly too?
I think the limited edition sold more than expected because it is not having as much demographics overlap with all your other trims, thus giving you more “unique” potential buyers.
Would have loved to see a Market Company Bubble mode overview of the company at the point the cars had been in production for 6 months. :slight_smile:


Thanks much! :grinning: Indeed!™ I used the actual “dealer invoice” price for all the trims.

Ahhhhh, that makes perfect sense! Didn’t think about the demographics overlapping vs being more focused as having an effect. I LOVE THIS GAME!!

I’ll try and take more screenshots of the campaign the next time I do something like this. It was quite the undertaking but I had a bit of time off and curiosity got the better of me. :laughing: