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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Yo can we send link to BeamNG .zip car files rather than .car files?
So I can send turbo corrected cars y’know


This is an absolutely brilliant car to drive in BeamNG, thank you for that.


I own both games, so naturally I also export stuff.

This is a 1985 Monolith A520i Doka Super 4WD, which translates to a full size truck, quad cab, 4x4, manual, diff-locks, with a fuel injected 5.2L Straight 6 with just 200hp but nearly 300ft-lb of torque at just over idle speed, in this early case a “Super” model was not the luxurious model with the largest engine, but a well equipped trim with a rally-inspired appearance package and in this case the mid-range petrol engine (slots right above the 4.3L I6 and well below the 7.6L V12).

The headlights are mounted inside the bumper, and yes these are pop-up auxiliary lights. All 1985-1988 A-Series trucks looked like that. The styling was inspired by a mobile crane.

A-Serie - 520i Doka Super 4WD.car (33.5 KB)


It’s that “polished”, or “Polished”?
(Because Amy Farrah-Fowler)


That is insane, and very hard to drive (even tho in beamng has less power than it should).

EDIT: @strop well, that might be my problem, It is easy to go faster than I should haha.


It is an illusion to the phrase, “diamond in the rough”, so it is “Polished!” But a minivan, “Polished”, have you ever heard of such a thing? Minivans are generally not thought of as “sports” vehicles with touring car handling and power to take on a turbo charged 4 cylinder, rubber burner. So the sales pitch here is …buy the minivan that will get you there in style, comfort and luxury with enough horsepower to make the competition weeny. The very definition of a Polished Diamond, is it not dah-ling?
Also, there was a trim package I called Polish. It failed and was dropped from the lineup, but the slogan stuck in my head.


Respectfully I beg to differ. The handling is actually very neutral and responsive, and there’s not as much understeer as one might expect from such a front-heavy barge. It’s also surprisingly tolerant to full throttle application.

The main trick of course is not to drive faster than you should, and that’s always going to be the hardest part :wink:


Retro-Age Motors - '69 Sidewinder GTX.car (38.1 KB)

Top Picture: On the left, 1969 Sidewinder GTX. On the right, 1968 Sidewinder LS Coupe.
The LS Coupe has a top speed of 127 mph, if you have the road. The GTX’s top speed is 130 mph, length of road doesn’t matter but distance to stop …could prove important.

Bottom Picture: Left, LS Coupe. 302 cid developing 262 hp. The GTX uses the 360 Ceasar, developing 301 hp. Gas mileage? What you, from the future? We don’t worry about that non-sense, It’s 1969 and gas will last forever!


Rajem TT20 Conept '20
It’s car is good for track and road +delign is futuristic
*First screenshot from Automation, second from BeamNG. Last - engine (and file .car in the end)

Rajem TT20 - Concept.car (24.3 KB)


Polish trim for Poland?


Make one :smiley: Shitty 4 door fastback with crappy 1.6l engine will do :smiley:


I think better car for poland is pony car.People in Poland very like Ford Mustangs and other in that style.


I just realized …I am spelling the word wrong …it is Polished not Polish. Sorry Poland.


FAAL Tetra F2 (Group B) Turbo Corrected after export:

FAAL Coupe (WST) Turbo Corrected after export:

Foreia 234S missing from last pack, tailored for BeamNG with revised engine:
Foreia II - 234S.car (32.5 KB)


1982 Brooklands GT8 Aviatore
A classic Brooklands supercar of the day, it was one of the most readily available super car ever produced by the company, with over 3000 being made. Whilst it may have cost the eager buyer the equivalent of £30,000 in todays money when new, you can usually find one in decent condition for under £10,000.

Just make sure a fat, televised orangutan doesn’t give it a service.

BD - GT8 - Aviatore.car (27.0 KB)


Montes Urban MK6: https://www.beamng.com/resources/montes-urban-mk6.4372/

Montes Zender MK2: https://www.beamng.com/resources/montes-zender-mk2.4316/

(Note. Both mods includes all trims).


The FAAL Tetra and Coupe were a lot of fun to drive! Would you mind sharing the original .car files to play around with?


1978 Malamute
Malamute - 4x4 Pickup.car (32.3 KB)

Intended to be a Diesel manual off roader, obviously it doesn’t behave at all like a Diesel, yet its weird engine power curve and dynamics makes it quite fun to drive on off road situations. I recommend you try it on this map.
IMPORTANT after you spawn it, please click the “recover vehicule” key, so it loads again with the intended torque curve and power.

Original thread here.


Retro-Age Motors - '70 Sidewinder GS.car (41.2 KB)

Left, 1970 Sidewinder GS. On the right, 1969 Sidewinder GTX.

For the 1970 model year, air conditioning is now standard equipment. The 440-3C v8 engine produces enough power to run the A/C and propel this car to a top speed of 119 mph. You didn’t hear this from me …but my brother-in law, Cid. He owns Tuned For Street. That shop over on Harper ave., next to the market. He’ll take that auto trans out and put in a sweet shifting 4-speed. I hear this car will hit close to 130 mph just like last years model. Tell’em I sent you and he’ll cut you a deal …!


I’m happy to announce that…

…my Subaru Impreza WRX STi inspired car, 2019 Cellia Fidelia GRS is now available to download! Here’s the thread link if you wanna know the details:

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Cellia Fidelia - GRS (BX).car (51.6 KB)