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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Got a couple of cars here that I have been having way too much fun with :smirk:

First up, a cross country rally 1960s rally wagon that eats up Utah like its nothing

1964 Everette Ellston Custom V8 – 4x4 Swapped

Someone apparently decided they didn’t like the FWD and decided to put a 4x4 drive train in. Wouldn’t be too hard because it was a longitudinal FWD design and Fenton’s E platform did have a RWD sports car built on it, the ill-fated Fenton SE.

Comes with rally wheels, 4-speed manual, lockers at both ends, and sway bars for better softroad cornering.

Fenton E platform - Everette Ellston Custom V8 Rally.car (52.6 KB)

Next up. An American version of the BMW E30 M3.

1982 Fenton ET300 RS

An an era of slow, ugly, and very very forgettable cars with crap fuel economy, one American car dared to be different. The Fenton Executive Touring car. The 300 RS trim was a bonafide sporting machine and although somewhat slow by modern standards, it blew most everything in its own era out of the water.

Comes with high output Fenton 90 degree V6, 5 speed manual, low profile sport compound tires, aero package, and suspension tuned for pure driving experience.

(For real! this thing sticks like glue. And keeps itself in check without also making the driving experience as boring as getting stuck behind a pensioner driving out to the polls so they can vote straight party ticket.)

Fenton ET - 300 RS.car (60.2 KB)

Lastly, a factory sleeper.

1999 Everette Vancouver GST8

The GST8 variant is to the Everette Vancouver as the GS is to the Buick Regal. It’s a factory sleeper and no one ever sees its coming. But this land barge is going to put your RSX and Impreza to shame. The worst part is the amount of money you spent modding those cars simply to lose to a dad car is more money spent than if you had just bought the dad car. Because most people who bought GST8s don’t know the gem their sitting on and offload them cheap.

More of a straight line performer, its best usedfor dragging and highway pulls. It will still handle itself through corners if asked though. It will just protest with a good bit of understeer.

Fenton D body - Everette Vancouver GST8.car (64.4 KB)


Introducing …for the model year …1985. Boldness Res-erected, the Muscle Car Defined and Refined …Ladies …and Gentlemen, without further ado, I present for your perusal …
The 1985 SW - Mamba Boss, Sidewinder SXS and SW - Mamba HISS!

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway

Retro Age Motors - '85 SW - Mamba BOSS.car (41.6 KB)

Retro-Age Motors - '85 Sidewinder SXS.car (50.8 KB)

Retro Age Motors - '85 SW - Mamba HISS 5.car (37.8 KB)


1988 Dievo CT30 Troya.

In my opinion it drives kind of like the Civetta Bolide, but with shittier tires and lazier throttle due to the turbo engine. But YMMV. Just don’t countertwitch the steering wheel and you’ll be all right.
dievo_troya___ct30_rev.1.car (51.8 KB)


Where’d you put your grammar?


Probably left her at home :joy:


Here is a list of high drivability cars that are easy to drive (and probably fast) on the automation track!
Banthaar - RZ-X.car (36.1 KB)

Donger - Lobster.car (37.4 KB)

ASC - Master Doggo2 - SM Tune Tania I6 Turbo .car (50.6 KB) ( tuned with @Chickenbiscuit )


PS: Don’t forget to disable the ESP on beamng for more fun c:


Goblin, how did you put the circular headlights in the popups?


Retro Age Motors - '90 SW - Cobra.car (43.5 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '90 SW-Cobra PURSUIT.car (53.9 KB)

It’s your world and I’m just a squirrel trying to get nut to move your butt to the driver’s seat …

Now slide right in and command this machine to fulfill your dreams of chasing the hi-beams …

Combining luxury and sport, that’s whats up, so come on - come on, drive like ya nutz! …

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


That looks… uh… hmmm…


In its original form, the '85 Sidewinder was actually too modern-looking for its time - its front end would have been far more appropriate for the late 90s. The facelifted version is actually quite close to what the car should have looked like from the start - but it shouldn’t resemble Darth Vader’s mask as closely as it does, and not in a good way.


That’s one of the most wicked designs I’ve seen on this forum, and I’m around here for quite some time…


I did not make a Darth Vader connection …I read your review and laughed at first, then I went, wait a sec …wow, it does! Thank you, I really like this kind of feedback. This is the Cobra Touring version, I hope you will review the 1990 Sidewinder and Sidewinder XC when I am able to post them in another 10 hours, both are, in my mind anyway, the true Sidewinder heritage cars.


Wisconsin Motors Mattillac

Matt is a drinking buddy, and after several shots one night I asked:
“Hey Matt, if you had unlimited resources, what kind of car would you buy or build?”
“I’d probably do something weird, like a Duramax powered Cadillac.”
And so was born the Mattillac, 6700 lbs of 'Murrican steel pushed along by 440 hp @ 4800, 745 lbs-ft @ 2200, and a plateau powerband out to 6400 (yeah, I missed the numbers and no diesel I know of runs out to 6400… but that’s not the point). Six speed manual, and skinny tires so they don’t clip. Genius, right? My mom always said I was special.
Mattillac - NG.car (24.3 KB)

How best to drive it: lock the diff and turn off the ESC. Better yet, don’t drive it at all. Have someone else drive it while you sit behind them clutching your Stetson onto your head, waving a well chewed, half smoked stoagie around and shouting, “Faster, dangit! They’re gittin’ away!” Then attack your driver with your hat after he lands you in a river.


I used the Auxiliary Lights mod then put them inside the popup headlights. Unfortunately, due to the uneven body surface the lights have two different sizes.




1990 Sidewinder and Sidewinder XC
Retro Age Motors - '90 Sidewinder .car (41.8 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '90 Sidewinder XC.car (43.2 KB)
I hired an advertising agency to come up with a snappy jiggle, an eye catching ad …

But the more …the more they pitched this idea or that concept, the more I realized …

You just gotta let somethings stand on their own …Sidewinder

Leave the expected behind …

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


Hi there, one of my best handling “race” car for BeamNG.

Here are a few stats :

From Automation : 1965 coupé, 635.7 HP (V8 NA 7L), 6 gears manual (3.38:1 final drive), 1018 Kg (61.8% rear), slick tires (P255/30R20 87A front and P295/25R20 90A rear), RWD.
No driving aid at all : no need to turn off the ESC…

From BeamNG : 298 Km/h max, 0-100 Km/h in 3.4s, 1Km down in 19.8 and 0-400m in 10.85s. And for the fun, that thing eat up to 1.15L/Km (racing laps) and down to 0.5L/Km (cruising gently in West Coast USA).

Roarer - GT.car (24.8 KB)



Retro Age Motors

Retro Age Motors - '95 Eagle.car (45.7 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '95 Eagle - SPORT.car (43.2 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '95 Eagle GT.car (49.3 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '95 Eagle Imperial.car (45.4 KB)

Power Plant: 357 c.i. Imperial V8
Horsepower: 594 h.p. @ 5800 rpm
Peak Torque: 612 lb-ft @ 3900 rpm

Extra Feature(s):
Running Board Lamps on Eagle Sedan and Eagle GT
Short Side Pipes on Eagle GT and Rear Side Exit Exhaust on Eagle - Sport

Eagle - Eagle Imperial
Transmission: FWD 5-Speed Swift Wing Automatic
Top Speed: 189 mph* 0 - 60 mph in 6.30 seconds
Front Vented Disc brakes / Rear Drum brakes 60 - 0 mph 116 ft.

Eagle - Sport
Transmission: AWD 6-speed Manual Gearbox by Talon Automotive
Top Speed: 198 mph* 0 - 60 mph 3.80 seconds
Four Wheel Vented Disc brakes 60 - 0 mph 117 ft.

Eagle GT
Transmission: FWD 5-speed Silent Wing Automatic
Top Speed: 189 mph* 0 - 60 mph 6.07 seconds
Front Vented Disc brakes / Rear Solid Disc brakes 60 - 0 mph 114 ft.

*tested on a closed circuit track with professional driver. Actual road speed may vary.

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


Oh wow, if u wont call that modern art masterpiece, i will call them fucking ugly xD


After having discovered that we could fit the biggest V12 into the 2003 SUV and considering my love for crashing things in BeamNG, here is something to crash things with :

All parameters are set to maximize impact energy, with the idea of going through the bus (did not, yet). Here with the “Turbosaurus” 16.3L V12 delivering 3655 HP, you can throw that 6666 Kg of ugliness at 450Km/h (≈160 Kg of TNT) into… well there is choice. My two favorites :

Map : “Grooved Test Range, Nevada” by “CarlosAir”

Map : “Endless Highway” by “Nadeox1”

N.B. : This is waaaaay less energy than the bus itself with the JATO rockets (>8000 Kg and over the speed of sound).

Some stats (bold indicating BeamNG data) :
2003 SUV, V12 16.3L turbo
Weight /Power : 6666 Kg, 43% rear (6441 Kg, 46.6%) / 3655 HP (3639 HP)
4x4 drive, 9 gear advanced automatic (3.96:1 final), manual locker, ESC+LC
P375/40R24 127A front and P395/40R24 128A rear tyres
Max speed : 458 Km/h
0-100 Km/h : 3.2s
400m / 1Km : 10.2s / 17.6s
Fuel consumption cruising/racing : 1.1L/Km / 3.2L/Km

Being that fat : brakes fade spontaneously upon reset, and each time you’ll want to use the brakes. They are there to weighing the car, not stopping it. If you want to stop it, refer to the car’s name. I’ve though of making it race-able but it would just defeat the first purpose of the thing. I might do a race and an off-road version later.

BigBoy - Buskisser.car (39.8 KB)