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Automationball comic


I’m not sure, but I think it’s Camoria.


I hope I got it right



I got poked fun at in the second comic. I was trying to avoid that… :laughing: Guess that means I have been noticed around here at least. :unamused:


Why not add to the mix with a small story as to why I am no longer Fox Manor Automotive.



Guess we made him angry.


[size=200]PolMot after yet another failed challenge[/size]

I think it’s time to retire


So, Guess what I’m reviving, with a short ‘Display’ of my various Companies!

I’m bad at paint, k?

Direct Image Link, for easier Viewing: i.imgur.com/DdkOMLY.jpg


'Ere rolling is Spud of Shant


[quote=“NormanVauxhall”]Znopresk can’t into joke, part 1
Featuring NormanVauxhall, JasonPoland, Cheeseman.[/quote]

Damn, I bloody missed this… Thanks for reviving this thread because otherwise I never would have seen it. Great one! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a first try!


Poor Erin :frowning:


XD Oh god, this made me laugh


Another One!

For Edriv’s Up coming NYCAS Display…

Featuring Edriv, Needle Production cars and Bigfoot Offroad



Edriv crying is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen! :laughing:


I like Polandball.
And I suck at it. Enjoy?


Wait, is that an inline 5? I didn’t think we were talking about Audi! :laughing:


Glorious Fiat I5 is best I5


Necroposting is best posting.


Love those safety goggles!


Welp, im not very good at this am I…

Last by a very large margin…