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It would make a good target on a rifle-range.


Mortar range.


It’s the Unicorn God and Pipe God combined!


Cascadia Hariken ST

Price: $9,706
Year: 1992
Make: Cascadia
Model: Hariken
Trim: ST
Kilometers/Mileage: 36,357 miles
Body Type: Coupe
Colour: Turquoise
Drivetrain: RWD
No. of Seats: 2+2
Engine Type: I4
Location: United States
This 1992 Cascadia Hariken ST is in excellent shape! Never winter driven and still completely original. Always maintained to dealer recommendations. Hate to let it go, but it’s time to get something more current and I won’t have any space for it.

Automation Sunday Cup - Race 4: Laguna Seca

Body: Truck
Engine: V8
Suspension: Double Wishbone (F) Solid Axle Leaf ®
Color: Bright Yellow
Seats: 3
Gearbox: 5- Speed Auto
Make: Itatchi
Model: Kula
Location: US
Trim: Powa V8
Miles: 139,035
0-60: 7.7
Gas Milage: 20 Combined
Price : $9200
This 2003 Itachi Kula Powa V8do have alot of miles but it was my truck for 4 years. It has a check engine light on, u need to take it to the shop and to get new tires. There almost bald. No signs of rust. But under where the frame is its a little rusty. Trying To save up for a 2013 Itachi Kula Powa V8


Price: $23,479
Year: 2019
Make: Samlabs Motors
Model: Priyam
Trim: ECO
Kilometers/Mileage: New
Body Type: Sedan
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Colour: Smog Silver
Drivetrain: Synergy Hybrid
No. of Seats: 5
Engine Type: Inline 4
Location: SLM Dealership
Description: The SLM Priyam is the car to save the world. Don’t just unplug appliances when you’re not using them. Don’t just recycle. Buy an expensive globally traded car which has big toxic batteries that can’t be recycled!


Price: $8400
Year: 1997
Make: Casato Kit
Model: Type 1 Kit Car
Mileage: dont know (not much)
Body Type: 2-door
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Color: Yellow (Custom)
Drivetrain: MR
Engine: 2.0L V12
Power: around 200 horse from engine
Seats: 2
Location: free shipping in canada and usa

this car was normally a standard kit car from casato, an i hevily moded it. it has custom wheels and wing and front lights and exhast and suspenshun.in good codishun and only few scratch.

I spelled horribly because the guy isn’t English speaking.

Actually DM me


I just realized the potential of this topic now with the :b:eam exporter


For Sale!

Restomod of a 1947 PMI Usurper V8 Custom

This was my project car from 2013-2015. The car was kept as close to the original as possible, but changes include:

  • 16" modern steel rims
  • P170/55R16 front and P190/55R16 tires rear
  • 5-speed manual gearbox from a 1989 PMI Usurper Coupe
  • Sport Recaro Seats
  • 3-point seatsbelts and a collapsible steering column
  • Aftermarket Electric Power Steering
  • New vented disc front and solid disk brakes rear
  • Suspension overhaul with active dampers and semi-active sway bars
  • front and rear side indicators added

Engine specific:

  • Retuned for 91RON unleaded fuel
  • High flow catalysator added
  • New beatifully sounding exhaust
  • Still the same cast iron 248 cu.in. OHV V8, now producing 150 horsepower and 215 ft.lb

The car is updated to certain modern standards, but it still keeps the charm of an old 1947 car. Apart from the electric power steering motor, no driving aids were added. This means no traction control, no ABS, just pure feedback from the brakes and wheels. Only 6000 miles were driven in this car since the overhaul. Selling to get funds for new project.

Please contact for realistic offers. Might consider part-exchange for new project car.

Here’s a video of the car on track during a track day event:




Price: 350 Euros
Year: 2000
Make: Meijer
Model: Assen
Trim: Turbeco
Kilometers/Mileage: 560.231Km
Body Type: Sedan
Transmission: 4 speed auto
Colour: Twingo Blue
Drivetrain: FWD
No. of Seats: 5
Engine Type: I3TDI 1100E
Location: Klazienaveen
Description: It’s a great car for long drives and is sturdy for it’s price, it also very economical due to it’s tiny but powerful enough engine. There are a few spots of rust on the bodywork but nothing to big of an issue. Tyres are in good shape and the timing belt has just been changed. So if you’re looking for car that’s cheap but reliable then this is your best option.
Call me if you’re interested (number).


10 Second Kustom Kar for sale, make offer.

It’s a modern take on an early 60s style Gasser / Taildragger / Show car. I hear there’s some meathead being a real prick about 10 second cars, and you just know he’ll dig this. 10s on any kind of pavement, 9.80s on a track and the stars align properly, and you don’t launch it sideways into the wall -not that anyone’s ever done that. Just watch how high you let the nose rise, alright? Must sell by end of month to finance my other race car. Make me an offer.

Test Drives:Dragon - Waggin.car (70.0 KB)


Everand Temba RS SE.4

Price: $20,492
Year: 2018
Make: Everand
Model: Temba RS SE.4
Mileage: 9,390 miles
Body Type: 5-door
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Color: Pearl Blue
Drivetrain: AWD
Engine: 2.3L I5
Power: 350 hp 300 lb-ft
Seats: 5

This a rare example of a limited run of the Everand Temba RS SE.4. This model is number 85/300 This rare model has a 15hp boost over the base Temba RS . This power boost is due to its new highflow exhaust built by Bristol Motor Parts Works. I have had it for the best part of a year now and its been my daily driver for many months now and I have had few problems with the car. Unfortunatly I have to sell it as we are moving out of country and I was getting to a point where I can no longer afford the fuel. The car gets around 21 mpg which isnt great. It has been serviced at 1573 Miles and again at 9311 Miles. This was all done at the dealership I purchased the car from. It has also had a new battery this was replaced at 6791 Miles as the battery was faulty although that was covered by warranty. This work was also done by the dealership. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a text I’ll get back to you when I’m not at work.

My number is 07XXX 216733

Many thanks, Jeff Goodall