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For Sale: 1957 Fleet Industries Landship

Price: $8940
Year: 1957
Make: Fleet Industries
Model: Landship
Trim: SX
Mileage: 200,000 miles
Body Type: 4-door 5-seat sedan
Transmission: 2-speed automatic
Color: Appalachian Green Metallic
Drivetrain: FR
Engine: 6.5L OHV V8
Power: 255 bhp
Seats: 5
Location: Austin, TX

Recently restored example, all components in good working order. 6.5L V8 runs smoothly with no known mechanical issues whatsoever. 2-speed auto tranny has been fully rebuilt using OEM parts. Interior was refurbished right down to the floorpan with new upholstery and gauges. All chrome trim on the exterior was replaced last month by an approved body repair specialist. Asking $8940 or best offer.


2001 Faraday Vortex

Price: $13,799
Year: 2001
Condition: Used
Title: Clean
Make: Faraday
Model: Vortex
Trim: Sport
Mileage: 42,000 mi
Body Type: Sedan
Transmission: 6-speed sequential
Color: Lucky Gold
Drivetrain: F4
No. of Seats: 4
No. of Doors: 4
Engine Type: V12
Engine Displacement: 4021 cc
Power: 415 hp
Fuel Economy: 21 MPG
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

You are looking at a pristine example of Irish luxury. Originally retailing for $71,200 when sold new in 2001, this car has served the original owner for 16 years and 42,000 miles. When introduced in 1996, the Vortex was a large technical achievement for Faraday, with its 4.0L V12 and complex AWD system. In 2001, Faraday introduced a sport package to celebrate their 100th anniversary, with wider rims, a sportier interior, and a more powerful direct-injected engine. This particular car was bought in Little Rock by its original owner and has never left the state of Arkansas. Most of these cars are completely falling apart with oil leakage, engine knocking and valve float, but for less than $14,000, this car can be yours.


NOTE: I intentionally saved this as a GIF for that potato/Windows XP feel. Also, even the game doesn’t want me to make this rustbucket from a generic Central Asian dictatorship.

96 MAJIK/52 - 3000 OBO

Price: Ута 3,000 ($554 USD)
Year: 1996
Condition: Used
Title: Clean
Make: Bystro
Model: Majik/52
Trim: Elite
Mileage: 591,422 mi
Body Type: Hatchback
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Color: Blue
Drivetrain: FR
No. of Seats: 6
No. of Doors: 5
Engine Type: I3
Engine Displacement: 843 cc
Power: 23 hp
Fuel Economy: 19 MPG
Location: Avgustgrad, Utadar

This are ghood cakr maker of gtrest car un world .Bystro Majik.52 are good build qkualyty and druiver is 843 liters 3 engines,As 20018 they can have 6 drivers and all qualify and very skill.For 3000 money car is you.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


1976 Ishu Myriad Turbo GT - $495

Year: 1976
Condition: Used
Make: Ishu
Model: Myriad
Trim: Turbo GT
Mileage: 605,227 miles
Body Type: Sedan
Transmission: Manual, 5 Speed
Color: Mostly blue, white front doors, red trunk lid, yellow rear bumper, plastic front bumper.
Drivetrain: RR
Seats: 5
Doors: 4
Engine Type: I4
Displacement: 1.8L
Aspiration: Turbocharged, Intercooled, Carburetted
Power: 165 HP @ 6600

Price: $495

Location: Wright’s Wreckage Yard, Chicago IL.


Hello, I’m Trevor Wright of Wright’s Wreckage Yard, and I’m selling what was my father’s Ishu Myriad. When he passed away a few years back, he left it to me, but I don’t know a damn thing about driving a rear-engined car. I know there’s a ‘junk car challenge’ coming up, so maybe you’ll try your luck with my father’s old car.

It’s a bit patchy looking, but he did care for it. I’ve driven it around the block a few times, and everything feels like it should, but I don’t know enough about these little cars to know if anything is wrong, which is why I’ve priced it so cheap. It is turbocharged, and it has an intercooler, so it’s capable of going quite quickly. It has these funny sideways carburettors on it, too, so if you’re going to buy it, I suggest knowing how to work on carbs.

I’m standing firm on my $495 price, though. This car’s worth more than that, be glad it’s going this cheap.

Madrias - OLH - UsernameHere.zip (39.6 KB)

One Last Hurrah [FINAL RESULTS]

I put way too much effort into this.

Make: FAAL
Model: Plebia IV
Model year: 1999
Trim: BL (base model)
Mileage: 197000km (before the odo stopped)
Options: Power steering. Aftermarket stereo with holes cut with knives into the door panels for speakers. Aliexpress center console.
Engine: 1000cc inline 3 SOHC 4v, multipoint fuel injection
Color: white with worn out clear coat, some rust, but it’s just surface rust, don’t worry.

Sleeps outside.
Has been my daughter’s car since she got her license, but she prefers the train, she was never good with a stick shift.
Used to belong to a grandma.
600€ firm, URGENT, need space.


Selling '85 Blazer LA with the rare 5.3 TBI Six cylinder, 284.668mls, quite a few dents and scratches and interior smells of dead lifeform but runs and drives well for what it is, brutal low down torque, can still rip a one tire fire from idle, gets surprisingly good MPG for a dump truck engine, afaik these were fully galvanised from factory so rust is a rare occurence.

Clean Title. $400 OBO

One Last Hurrah [FINAL RESULTS]

This thread is long overdue for a revival, so I’ll resume with this:

'75 Morton M20 Coupe Twin Cam

Price: 22,000 GBP
Year: 1975
Make: Morton
Model: M20
Trim: Twin Cam Coupe
Mileage: 35,000 miles
Body Type: 2-door 4-seat coupe
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Color: Bright Red/Pure White
Drivetrain: FR
Engine: 2.0L DOHC I4
Power: 125 bhp
Seats: 4
Location: Guildford, England

This pristine example of a Morton M20 Twin Cam Coupe underwent a full frame-off restoration using OEM and reproduction parts in 2013 to revert it to its original specification. It has made annual appearances at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ever since and is commonly seen in vintage car club meetings across Europe.


'87 Borealis PV Fury 890

Price: 9 999€
Year: 1987
Make: Borealis Personvagnar
Model: Fury
Trim: 890 Premium
Mileage: 34 000 km
Transmission: 5 spd manual
Color: Hypersonic Orange/Deep Space Blue
Drivetrain: FR
Engine: 8.9L V10 613hp
Location: Helsinki, Finland.

Selling my beloved Mk5 Fury V10… I no longer have time to enjoy this car due to work. Has fuel injection, air conditioning and all that stuff. Everything works including power steering. Engine internals are aftermarket since OEM were quite notorious for failing when you really “drive” the car how it’s supposed to be driven very often. Interior in worn but good condition. New tires installed. Zero rust! Bargain car for those who want a V10 that won’t blow up their wallet. Starting price $9999, bids are legally binding

Happy bidding!!


Im just gonna revive this thread for a meme

1955 car “Unicorn”

Price: $500 OBO
Year 1955
Make: liek in dot kno??? calvinator or summat
Model: Unicorn
Mileage: 50,000 miles
Transmission: dotn kno eiter
Color: Pink and blue
Engine: a big one
Location: California

liek helo peeps. My naem is Shugarkorn (thats my fursona)
Im tring to sel my car cos im moving to LA with my frends. I had it for aeges nao from a shady guy. Got for no monies but I did sum mods to it so i ad valu to it. Pls taek car of it.

pics of kar

I cringed so fucking hard making this…


Would you take an Xbox 360 as payment?


smol i am very sorry but i don’t think i’m allowed to be associated with you anymore


It’s so crazy (but not in a good way) it’s not even funny.


Is that supposed to be a horn or a marital aid on the hood?


It’s a monument dedicated to the almighty Pipe God


You fools. It’s art.


From a distance, it could be mistaken for a jet engine… But it isn’t. The whole car looks like a bizarre sculpture made by an extreme left-wing supporter.


It’s Pipe God. Don’t bring your heresy here :angry:


wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you actually blind? It clearly says on the side in block capitals “Impeach Trump”. Pray tell, how the hell is that right-wing.




You went so far over the top with the left parody it came out right again.