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B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car [Finished]


Is it a problem if my car is slightly more thirsty than rules(still above 20mpgs) but it’s pretty cheap and easy to engineer/produce?


Extend gearing, give it thinner wheels, smaller brakes, less swaybar or other things to make it lighter.


already tried, I can reach max 21mpgs without overturn my idea for the car and make it unrealistic.


I can take a look, but with the expectation that I will have too many entries as it is, it is unlikely an entry that does not fully comply will be chosen.


Honestly I think that the fuel consumption rule is a little too strict for the era and what we can do in automation. I think you should lower the required economy considering you already lowered the reliability one(that I think is also more important than fuel consumption in the 80s where there were still carbs).


The fuel economy standard was not hard to attain at all. I did it with multiple different test mules, including a couple horribly anemic carbed engines. If you PM me the file, I can look at it (I’ve already submitted, so it’s not like I’m going to steal any ideas.)


The reliability was because, mea culpa, I did not test fully aluminium engines; and I don’t see much wrong with using those, even though they are slightly more expensive.

The fuel limit was intentional and is tested. Carburated engines should manage, providing low fuel mixture, efficient power output and good tuning.


Monarch Motor Company…not typically known for Eco cars, Monarch decided to field a small, economical car for export. We present the 1987 Ingot:


May I also suggest modifications:

  • changing carb and filter
  • tweaking fuel + ignition
  • increase redline
  • Not just sport tires but wheels and tires
  • not sure aero does much with 80hp…


Carb is linked to turbo.

Fuel is linked to the “oil change”, which is a Gran Turismo Reference.

Ignition, redline, wheels are too difficult to ensure balance between all the different builts. Tire width can be adapted with the sports tires update (this will all be detailed in due time).

Aero… correct, but who doesn’t want to put a big wang on their car? This will be cheap.


Well, might as well put this out there. For inspiration or something? I dunno.


Reduit GSR20
(Pending approval from competition organisers)

Good news, you may actually be able to drive this if Miros likes it… Although be warned, the mechanics are straight out of a Yugo and the design straight out of the shed…

2019 SEMA Show
TreadKillers Tuning House

Just so y’all can get a look-see of my submission, the 1986 i3-T Rspec Kit


Here is my first batch, sent in for assessment.

(Red entry is not a hatch, but rather an ‘ahead of its time’ soviet version of the CX-3/Ecosport phenomenon of taking a citycar or hatch and trying to make it look like a 4wd, and sent in as a risky wildcard :P)


You will have the great chance to drive a Žnoprešk Zap.


Batch #2 sent in :slight_smile:


Wow, two weeks to the deadline and already so many cars.


Yeah, significant change that the deadline will be reviewed. There’s a rule update (part II though, not relating to the cars) coming over the weekend.


Carb with air filter could be single cheap(ish) mod, because turbo should be the most expensive one…


Turbo is indeed by far the most expensive.