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Best Automation Quotes


[nsfw]Yiff Intensifies[/nsfw]


I like how you cover that with a NSFW tag when we’ve been throwing around flagrantly explicit language for the last ten posts :joy:

Don’t worry, I strongly doubt using that parlance is going to trigger anybody here.


“don’t put magnetic pick up tool against teeth when you have mucho metal in your mouth”

  • Microwave


Us, on the 2017 Chevrolet Chavalier. GM, If you’re watching, time to fire your whole marketing department and hire us.

<DoctorNarfy> Omg <DoctorNarfy> http://www.carnewschina.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/chevy-cavalier-1.jpg?x21786 <DoctorNarfy> THE CHAVALIER IS COMING BACK <DoctorNarfy> (To China only) 18<adam_d18> wtf is that a corolla 18<Microwav318> China has everything 20<DoctorNarfy>30 Looks way better than the Cruze or the Sonic 18<adam_d18> are they going back to some geo era

<DoctorNarfy> And an american name probably isn't the best <DoctorNarfy> Maybe name it "Noodle" <DoctorNarfy> I'd buy a chevrolet Noodle <adam_d> hahaha <Microwav3> I created a tiny bread van in automation today <Microwav3> it is called <Microwav3> stumpy <Microwav3> Because it's a chode of a car <titleguy1> pl0x r8 my car /10 <adam_d> "Yeah I drive a Chevy Noodle." "Oh a Nova? Nice!" "No no, a noodle" <DoctorNarfy> XD <Microwav3> Now factor in the asian accent <titleguy1> "Ai-ya, ai dlive Shevy Noodul" <Microwav3> I drive de chity noodul <adam_d> is it not nooduru? <titleguy1> Japanese <adam_d> fair enough


What’s funny is that China also gets a new Ford Escort and a new Dodge Neon.


“chevrolet Noodle” - I’m dead


Sorry dudes

<adam_d> phwoar yes
<Pyrlix> Guess the size
<adam_d> 8 inch
<Pyrlix> YES




You can circumvent that by inserting a space in front of it, or using a backslash. Both will edit out and nullify the automated formatting.

[11:07.42] <titleguy1> .8 Is Microwave a dumbass?
[11:07.43] <@X3> titleguy1: Most definitely.
[11:07.45] <Microwave> FUCK
[11:07.46] <Microwave> NO
[11:07.53] <Microwave> I HAVE BEEN DESTROYED BY A BOT

As it turns out, X3 is cleverer than we thought.


Weird how a discussion about sheetmetal thickness got us there.



The live chat has ruined titleguy1’s dreams. Sorry.


did someone just put a bot in the IRC? well that’s much more interesting isn’t it… but why make them called by .8???


I dunno, that’s pretty much how I would expect a BMW crossover to respond in those situations.


That bot has been there in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. You’d have to ask the IRC admins what it does exaclty but IIRC it’s used for user managment and stuff (read, banning/kicking people)

The .8 command I imagine is more of an easter egg within the bot. When you do that (with a question preferably), it will randomly give you an answer like those magic 8 balls.


“Fluterring C*nt”


I just announced my new project basically

 <Pyrlix> http://www.motorstown.com/images/ford-fiesta-e-01.jpg i went ahead and downloaded THIS blueprint
    <Riso> not a polonets
    <Pyrlix> correct
    <Leo9613> very good, roland
    <Leo9613> give it all the love you can
    <Pyrlix> ok bbl
    <Pyrlix> *fapfapfapfap*
    <Pyrlix> wait... you didnt mean that kind of love right?
    <Evardsen> depends on if you want a sticky screen and keyboard
    <Leo9613> yes, I meant exactly that love, roland
    <Leo9613> make it all white and gooey


Great stuff here - to make it clear, this was what was in that link


IRC brings the best out
But hey, you can name yourself Mussolino, Stalin or something else - thats okay. But dont call your self Mr. Hilter :stuck_out_tongue: