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Best Automation Quotes


Hmmm… Maybe trying decaf?:grin:



auto|32762 (kiwiirc@AN-241F361A.customers.d1-online.com) has joined
<auto|32762> I need help with my automation game
<TrackpadUser> Which build number do you have?
<auto|32762> I get a fatal error on init.lua
<auto|32762> Sandbox data bad argument
<auto|32762> I have newest game version
<auto|32762> Version 151223
<Pyrlix> LOL
<auto|32762> Can you help me?
<TrackpadUser> That's an old version
<TrackpadUser> I would recommend updating the game
<auto|32762> Its the newest
<auto|32762> The launcher says no update
<auto|32762> I bought on steam
<auto|32762> For 30$
<TrackpadUser> Current build is B161108
<auto|32762> Risk you have bug then too
<TrackpadUser> Steam should have updated automatically
<auto|32762> But my game says 151116
<auto|32762> Its autoupdate from steam
<Riso> why dont you give me a link to your steam profile to check 
<Microwave> Lol isn't that over a year out of date?
<auto|32762> You guys refuse to help me I don't know what to do
<Pyrlix> auto|32762,  its as simple as pie
<Pyrlix> B151116 is very very very old and should be updated automatically tleast 5-10 times already
<TrackpadUser> If steam refuses to update, verify game cache
<Pyrlix> That version is also a VERY widely available pirated copy 
<Pyrlix> which you can find on various filesharing platforms
<Pyrlix> chances are 99% you have pirated it
<Pyrlix> and we dont provide support to pirated copies - obviously
<auto|32762> Fuck
<TrackpadUser> 1116 doesn't seem to exist actually
<auto|32762> Fuck you
<Microwave> LOL
<auto|32762> Motherfuckers

Automation has stopped working

(slight double post)
It continues!

auto|32254 (kiwiirc@AN-241F361A.customers.d1-online.com) has joined
<auto|32254> Hello
<auto|32254> Where can I get a free key?
<TrackpadUser> Please buy the game
<auto|32254> I have no money
<auto|32254> I cannot buy
<auto|32254> Plz give free key
<TrackpadUser> Not our problem, and please don't call us motherfuckers
<TrackpadUser> And tell us "fuck you"
<TrackpadUser> And then come ask for a free key
<auto|32254> My game crashes and I need a new one
<Pyrlix> Go out, work, earn money
<Pyrlix> and buy the game
<auto|32254> Go suck cocks in hell y'all
<auto|32254> Fuck you pyrlix
<auto|32254> Fuck you all
<auto|32254> Assholes
<auto|32254> Unfriendly
Pyrlix has kicked auto|32254 from #automationgame (auto|32254)


Triple posting yuh
This is probably gonna keep happening so feel free to join the IRC to witness it in all its glory

auto|69862 (kiwiirc@AN-7D2BEE8B.customers.d1-online.com) has joined
<ramthecowy> ooh
<Speedemon> oh god
<TrackpadUser> WB
<Speedemon> is he seriously back
<auto|69862> I am sorry
<ramthecowy> are you though?
<auto|69862> Yes
<auto|69862> I deeply apologize
<Leo9613> inb4 he asks for a free key again
<auto|69862> Whose cock do I have to suck to get this game for free? Will he accept my apologize?
<Speedemon> Well if you get paid money to suck someones cock maybe you can get the game
<Microwave> ^
<ramthecowy> ^^^^^^
<Speedemon> I just found someone a job!
<auto|69862> Who is ^
<auto|69862> :(
<auto|69862> I just want this game for free
<Microwave> I want a lot of things for free
<auto|69862> Do I have to suck your cock
<Microwave> fuck off now
<auto|69862> For game
<Microwave> fuckity bye
<auto|69862> Fuck you
<auto|69862> Racist assholes
<ramthecowy> racist? xD
<Speedemon> We never said anything racist lol
<auto|69862> Fuck you in your assholes
<Microwave> Only the racistest
<ramthecowy> is that the most complicated word in your vocab abilites?
<Speedemon> We are soooooo racist
<auto|69862> Niggerfuckers
<Speedemon> LOL
<Microwave> LOL
<Speedemon> TRIGGERED
* Pyrlix has kicked auto|69862 from #automationgame (auto|69862)

@Killrob is apparently severely bipolar too

<Killrob> ASSHOLES
<Killrob> FUCK YOU
<Killrob> FUCK YOU
<Killrob> FUCK YOU
<Killrob> ASSHOLE


Just an FYI.

This is not really Killrob, it’s the same idiot as the last posts by microwave.


Hahaha that was fun xD must have been my racist, cocksucking, slightly deranged evil twin or something.


The whole altercation with that individual was fairly interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting doesn’t cover half of it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Rob’s deranged evil twin spotted in the wild



ramthecowy -
nah mate you ain’t got nothing on my rhyming skills
sitting here, i got your brain climbin hills
UMGaming -
but you ain’t got cash to pay the bills
ramthecowy -
my cars so riced i don’t need no pills
NotKoolkei -
just like your ass, you rhymes standstills
ramthecowy -
NotKoolkei -
(im bad at this)
ramthecowy -
standstills isn’t a word lol
NotKoolkei -
it is now
UMGaming -
Atless I don’t service mine at uncle philes
ramthecowy -
i mean, there isn’t a plural of it
NotKoolkei -
what you service your’s next door because you’re a pedophile?(edited)
ramthecowy -
UMGaming -
NotKoolkei -
UMGaming -
Too Far @NotKoolkei
NotKoolkei -


Bit late to the party but…


Just wanted to say this was a seriously good call. Well played.


Don’t mind me, just roasting some piraters…


Me and @Leonardo9613 on GTA, whilst I am setting up my new IPhone 5.

Me: “Why do they have six digit codes? That’s just dumb.”

Leo: “Yeah, you can change it to 4 digit if you want.”

Me: “I just added 2 zeros onto my old code.”

Leo: “That’s American security for you.”


This involves me, @Sillyducky , @Leonardo9613 and @Speedemon

All because of a discussion about tea :smile:


Lol just screen shorted the conversation too and was about to post it




Coming from America: I like my tea… Iced.


with honey too, I bet :stuck_out_tongue:


on that note one thing I never got over during my time in the US: ‘where’s the milk?’ ‘Milk? Oh, you mean creamer!’



Tea is a God tier drink