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Best car interiors


All you have to do is put the model of the car, and one or several photos.

My favourite interior is the Mazda Eunos Cosmo (JC). The organization of the controls, materials, design, tonality…


This is the best car interior


One of the few modern Toyotas that doesn’t have a boring interior.


i love this :slight_smile:


Facel Vega…hard to beat! :heart_eyes:


Toyota Prius,since you’re not gonna see it’s interior.You will be killed before doing so by the ugliness of Prius’s exterior.

Nah just kidding.The interior looks quite decent (especially when comparing to its exterior).I quite like it.


@Tsundere-kun Yeah. It’s spacious

Other of my favourite interiors: the Prelude Mk4.


(Aston Martain) Lagonda Mk.II:

Truly space-age! It wasn’t just looks, the interior of this car had features way ahead of its time, such as fully digital instrumentation (Speedo, Tacho, e.t.c), touch pad controls and more. This was in 1976!


BMW M5 E28

80s cars weren’t only really good looking and fun in my opinion, they also had the interior to match. No decade like the 80s for me.


I know where that one’s from - a 2nd-gen Pontiac Firebird. Looks and feels like a proper '70s muscle car inside, with nothing but a set of big, round analog dials for you to look at.

As for my pick, one of my personal favorites comes from the Ferrari F50. Pared back to reinforce its lightweight feel, right down to the hand-cranked windows, it still has an open-gate manual shifter - something sadly absent from today’s motoring landscape. It doesn’t even have a radio, but who needs one when the F1-derived engine behind you sounds so good?

And since the F50 is a targa, you can even take the roof panel off to expose yourself to that glorious engine note even more.


1985 Citroën BX “Digit”.


Yes, Pontiac Firebird, i was impressed when i look this interior for first time…i love that panel worked where there are spedometer and rev count :slight_smile:


The Alfa Romeo 166 has an elegant interior, just beautiful


The interior materials of the Prius are dreadful though, just plastic in a single afwul shade of hardness.

This interior is representative of my 2008 Renault Espace, but not identical, as mine was a lesser trim. As you can see the dashboard is incredibly minimal in terms of buttons, only the infotainment controls (center console) and climate controls (not visible here, located in the door card. Behind the upper central lid is the radio headunit. It of course features plenty of storage spaces, materials were of good quality and feel, save for the shifter knob. The car also features a very versatile seating system, as is to be expected of an Espace.

This dashboard is representative of my recently departed 1995 Nissan Maxima, very conservative and with clear influences by Mercedes and Lexus, but well put together, with solid materials and not as depressing as smaller models


A few new model interiors:

Audi A8 D5:

Peugeot 508 (MK2)/5008:

2018 Lincoln Navigator:

2017 Porsche Panamera

2018 AM DB11:

2018 Mazda 6:

2018 Bentley Continental GT:

DS7 Crossback:

Lexus LS 2018:


Almost forgot the 300zx z31


Straightforward and to the point.


Been in it, very clunky and fun