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Big Automation Q&A 4/2014


yea I looked at the build and know feel dumb


Are there plans to select the body colour when we design the model and not the platform? Platform should be steel / alu / carbon fibre colour or w/e and then the body colour chosen when we build a model.


Yes, the whole process will be revamped in the next big update, having a different color for every model will probably be possible.


Thanks for such an informative video.

Can you elaborate about why you don’t like game conventions? Personally, I have a very specific style of games I like to play and I don’t enjoy the scene at gaming conventions myself. (I guess I would like it if it was for just one specific game or only games I like.)

Edit: Sorry to bring up an old thread, with my busy schedule I was just now able to sit back and watch the whole video comfortably.


Any transcripts available? I can’t keep watching youtube videos all the time (limited bandwidth)


The transcript is linked in the video description: tinyurl.com/q9jgyps


will there be 1 cylinder engines or 2 and 3. it would be great to have them.


will there be V1 and 1 cylinder engines. it would be nice.






:open_mouth: V syndrome


Hi Everyone, new player who just put 64 hours into the game in he past few days. I’ve been marathoning the campaign lite version. So much potential there, lots of bugs and crashes, but since this game is currently being reworked into a new engine, I’m not going to worry too much about it.

I do want to make a suggestion though that I hope to see implemented. It’s too easy to dominate multiple markets with one vehicle. For example, I was able to create a single platform, single small engine van, one cargo variant, and one 4 passenger, and I could sell to just about every major market with that one vehicle.

My suggestion would be to tie body types with personal perspectives. What I mean is a van is a van and only van buyers buy vans. It shouldn’t be able to cross over into the commuter car, family car, sport utility, pony car…yeah, pony car… categories. That way, no matter how good your van is, it will only sell in particular segments.

That’s my big, tycoon exploit suggestion that should be fixed.


Glad you enjoyed it so far :slight_smile: the markets / sales model are going to be completely rewritten in the UE4 version. While we think there should be possible overlap, you definitely won’t be able to dominate several fields without specializing. That always depends on difficulty, too… and yes, the Pony car category always has been a little bugged.


I’ve been toying with the UE4 beta today. Much prettier. Runs a little slow on my Asus G75VW, and my 2,254 HP, 13.5L V10 twin turbo drag car in a 1960’s body broke the math. It couldn’t calculate a 1/4 mile time, or run the track. What’s wrong with drum brakes on a 5,000 lb car with that much power? Lulz.

This is going to be a fun game once it has that deep tycoon aspect to it. I like geek out management games, like Out of the Park Baseball '17. Lots of data grinding and thinking and unknowable random variables…like is Madison Bumgarner going to tank once I sign him to a $250 million dollar contract?

Is my minivan going to be outdated by the time it hits the market? Is some other competitor going to beat me to it?