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Birmingham motors: The nation's favourite since '37 (1946 5000)


Birmingham is an anglo-american car company, founded in 1933 before releasing its 1st car in 1937.
Badge: WIP

1955 2000HT

1975 2000

1986 8000

1987 6000

1992 Micro-Tourer

TreadKillers Tuning House
Vermillion Motor Co - The companion of your dreams

New for 1946: the 1st post war Birmingham, the 5000
Availiable with a 5004 cc V8 for good value today.


Presenting the 1951 Birmingham 7000, a luxury coupe for a luxury lifestyle. Made for eating up higway miles with its powerful V8 and comfy leather seats


That seems like strong opposition for any company producing sports luxury coupes in 1951.


I would like to see some modern designs from this brand further down the line, but right now, it makes sense to flesh out its backstory with some classic models first.

Whatever the model year, though, you don’t have to be a Brummie in order to like or even love anything from this company.


i tried my hand at one of these… its not perfect but its better than nothing i guess


I havent updated this in a while, but here is one of my better designs.
This car is your typical junkyard-filling malaise era coupe, which somehow sold well back in the day. This car came in 3 trims. General specification: Steel ladder, steel body panels, Double wishbone (Front), solid axle coil (Rear)
The most basic trim, with a wheezy i4 and a less luxury appearance. this one is the best at MPG.


Engine: 2.8L cast iron inline 4, 73.9BHP at 4200 rpm
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Weight: 1230KG
Interior: Standard interior, Standard 8 track
Cost: $8927
Performance: Top speed=90.3 MPH, 0-100kmh=17.1 seconds, 14.4MPG

The 2nd most luxury trim, with a bigger and more powerful i6 and more chrome stripping. It also got improved suspension. This was the best selling model.


Engine: 4.0L cast iron inline 6, 116.5BHP at 4600 rpm
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Weight: 1340KG
Interior: Standard interior, Standard 8 track
Cost: $9967
Performance: Top speed=103 MPH, 0-100kmh=12.7 seconds, 12.9MPG

The most luxury trim, with a leagues more powerful V8 and uprated interior. This is now a popular and very common barn find, if you can find one that isnt rusted out.


Engine: 4.6L cast iron V8, 131.9BHP at 4600 rpm
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Weight: 1380KG
Interior: Premium interior, Premium 8 track
Cost: $9967
Performance: Top speed=107 MPH, 0-100kmh=11.8 seconds, 11.2MPG