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Blue Marlin Motori Auto & Žnoprešk Avtomobil


The early years of MMM

The MMM started to build cars* in 1953, with the 2.7 stright six coupe Blue Marlin. Based on the same semi-spaceframe chassis, in 1955 they presented the Narwhal, the sedan version of the Blue Marlin coupe.
This two cars had low production numbers, but the aspiration of the company was to became a top sport car brand, with worldwide recognition.
After cooperating with Znopresk (recently moved in Trieste) for a very small family car, the RR layout 1958 MMM Goldfish Mk.I, they started to focus on a higher production volume product than the Blue Marlin and the Narwhal, but with the same sportiness and esclusivity.

The Dolphine Project

The car development was revolving around the 4 cilinder version of the straight six of the Blue Marlin/Narwhal. The displacement shrink to 1.9 liter and the lower power (compared to the straight six) of 130 horsepower was perfect for the size of a mid-size family sport saloon, competing with Lotus Cortina and Alfa Romeo.
The whole body and the engine were aluminum. The car was light, sporty but also very delicate.
The car received warm reception from the press and the market confirmed the expectation.

*Before building cars, the MMM was known for motorboat and, during the WWII, motor torpedo boat.

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Still unsure about the name…


You should name it… “sexy ass car that makes turbo noises”


How do you line up the letters so well?


Now that is the proper car to listen to Synthwave in, it fits it so well :stuck_out_tongue:


I put a fixture as a line on the bottom. It helps to keep all the letters on the same height.
At the end, I’ll remove it.


Oh, smart.



Also, should I even be surprised at the designs you produce? I came in here expecting something wonderful and I got just that


That coupe looks very futuristic for its time, and still ought to turn heads today… The sloped nose, flush-fitting fixtures and aerodynamic profile give me the impression that it was very ahead of its time!


Man, this thing looks fabulous! I generally like this body template a lot, but you definitely got the most out of it.

As for this one, how about “Rush”, because everytime I look at it, my thoughts sound like this:


Classic Review: 1964 MMM Dolphine 1.9 Sprint GT

“Midlife crisis step 1: buy a fast car from your childhood”

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)
Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)


This one looks almost certainly like a remake of the CSR54 winner, the Zap. I’m sold!




THE Z200 SERIES 1969-1977

The Žnoprešk Z1156 debouted in 1956 so in 1965 ‒ after the company had finished to develop its presence in different segments of the european car market ‒ started to develop the successor of their aging best seller of the time. The car was a mix of comproved technologies, like longitudinal front wheel drive, front double wishbone and rear solid axle, and new solutions, like radial tyres*, dual eco carburator intake and automatic 3 speed gearbox*.

The project had to change name after the new namecode started with the bigger Z300, so the smaller car was the Z200.
Economy in purchase and running, simplicity, ease of driving were the main gola of the car, followed by comfort and practicallity.
Close to the end of the 60’s a lot of car manufactorer started to follow the hatchback design, but becasue the different naming, the managment didn’t felt too corageous to move too far away from the Z1156 golden goose. So, a 3 classic box body was chosen for the car.

The engine was a new SOHC dual valve, inline 4 with 1.3 and 1.5 liter of displacement with eco carburator and doppiocorpo orizzontale when the sporty requirements were mandatory. The initial range of motors had powers from 58 to 90 horsepower.

The trim available were Prima, Linea, Sala, Sport and Turismo. Here featured only Prima, Linea and Sport.

Z213 Prima (MY1969)

Easiest on the wallet, the Z213 Prima was the entry level. To cut some of the costs, part of the interior of the Z1156, like the dashboard and the rear bench, were still used. The tyres fitted were crossply, and there was no radio available as standard. Thanks to the front wheel drive, the big rear boot was appreciated for the huge space and flexibility of use.

Z215 Sala (MY1969)

The Sala was the premium trim of the Z200. Leather inserts with wood and chrome details and almost no exposed painted metal in the cabin. The car had a 3 speed automatic gearbox, radial tyres, hydraulic power steering and a AM/FM radio. Some customers asked also for an optional cruise control.

Z215 Sport (MY1969)

The peppiest version of the Z200 was this trim. The car didn’t had the premium feel of the Sala, but the engine tuning and the sporty carburators helped to archieve an unexpected sensation of speed and agility, at least for a humble Znopresk.
It cames with sport radial tyres and white painted rims, but no hydraulic steering assistance nor radio. The aftermarket market and specialized shops usually retrofitted some of the optional on the Sala on the sport trim to archieve a Turismo trim like driving pleasure.

Despite the good market results, the car design aged fast. So Žnoprešk hurry for restyling…

Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]

Design seems appropriate to me, at least until the early to mid 70s, I disagree.

Anyways, great car there. Seems like it would be a great competitor to the Erin, Merciels and Contes of the time :wink:


In a couple of days I will unveil the 1974 restyle. :wink:


It is quite similar to the Mk2 Escort, which appeared in 1975, so I would not say dated at least through the 70s, but it’s going to be interesting to see the restyle anyway.


THE Z200 SERIES 1969-1977 (Restyling 1974-1977)

At the start of the 1970’s with the rise on the martket of 2 hatchback sedans and square shaped ligts, the Z200 started to looked outdated. There were no possibilities to create a good looking hatchback out of the chassis developed for the car, so Žnoprešk restyled the front with a more modern square design, update the engines and develop the a bigger 1.7 liter out of the same block used for the 1969 edition. Unfortunately, the 1.7 liter was only available since the 1975 models.

The bigger version of the engine was available in two different power step, the 110hp availabe on the sedan and the 130hp availabe on the coupe. For the rally version a 1.6 liter with 155 horse power was developed.

The trim available were the same (Prima, Linea, Sala, Sport and Turismo) but updated. Here featured only Prima, Sala and Sport. Along with the special police trim and the rally vesion.

Z213 Prima (MY1974)

The renewed entry level Prima had updated interior, using most of the pre-restyle Linea interior. No more crossply tires but still there was no radio available as standard. The engien was updated to run with unlueaded fuel, but there was not catalytic converter yet. Thaks to the update the car bounced back into the best sellers italian car of the time.

Z215 Sala (MY1974)

The premium trim benefit of new interior design elements with dark wood and chrome details and a complete absence of painted metal in the cabin, granting a better sound comfort. The 3 speed automatic gearbox was the same, but the unleaded engine variant was less performant than the leaded one. The new rims cover were really appreciated.

Z217 Sport (MY1975)

The updated sporty trim was even more appreciated by the market compared with the older 90hp version. This time the hydraulic assisted power steering was standard and along with th 20hp extra from the 1.7 liter engine it was a must for the “only family car” able to do a bit of everything. Another standard feature where the light alloy rims and the sporty black plastic fnishing instead of the chrome one.

Z217 SportCoupe (MY1975)

With 130 tuned horsepower engine, 2+2 seats arrangment, 2 doors and the “aerodynoamic” aesthetic pack, this bad boy was a boner caster for a lot of yougnsters at the time. Lighter, more powerful and without hydraulic power steering, it was a car more oriented to enthustiast and “second car” owner than as a “only family car”.


Z217 Police (MY1975)

Born from the Sport trim, this model has manual lockable differentials, offroad undertray for procection and a different suspension setup, more oriented to the ease of use than the sportiness feel.

Z216 Rally (MY1975)

Official customer version of the rally version of the car of the 1975 and 1976 Rally season.

Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]

Look how THICC the rear of the Z216 rally is, gorgeous!