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Braxnov Varlvor


First let me explain the origin of our Company

Braxnov Varlvor was founded in 1896 first it wasnt known as Braxnov Varlvor but as Varlvor.
Varlvor was an Company who engineerd industrial machines. By the time of 1904 Adolf Varlvor had
to sell his company to Immanuel Braxnov because of an economy crisis. Then the company was called Braxnov.
Immanuel Braxnov took all the Engineers of Varlvor and put them on building cars.Before Building Cars for the streets Braxnov Engineered some of the best racing engines wich had up to 350KW. Many years later at 1974 The Grand Grandsons of Immanuel Braxnov and Adolf Varlvor united to Braxnov Varlvor. Because Braxnov Engineered cars for the last 70 years
they went on engineering cars.
Today they are engineering very strong utillity Vehicles and middle to high class cars.

Headquarter Archana
Founders Adolf Varlvor, Immanuel Braxnov
Founded 5.6.1896


The First Mass Production Car Braxnov ever released:
The Braxnov Rochanof MZ with an 2000ccm OHC 2V Inline 3 engine wich had 80hp and an 4 gear FWD Gearbox it was quite luxury.
WIth an pricetag of 719$ it was anquite expensive car


One of there Strongest Racing engines was the 1939 Released 6.0L OHV 2V 60° V12 wich had 511 HP and 529 NM.


The Strongest engine Braxnov Varlvor ever released was an 13572ccm DOHC 4V 90° V10 engine wich had an crazy amount of 3119 Hp and 3416 NM. It was used to power huge Machines like Bulldozers and Wheelloaders.
It even was used as an Racing engine but was not capable to go that high speeds.
After some time of Development Braxnov Varlvor decided to not use this engine anymore because of the high production costs and the many Repairs it needed on duty.



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