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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]


the new Acheron Supervisor SRE. Powered by Naruto and awaiting homologation.

at the moment I cannot DM the .car files because I don’t have the basic badge yet.


Homologation pending…will add detail if it checks out,


Homologation Deadline Passed

The deadline just passed, I have received plenty of last minute submissions. Thanks for those! I’ll try to sort those out as quickly as possible and hope they are all built according to the rules.

Yesterday was very frustrating, with failure rates of almost 80%, most common mistakes: Aero fixture count, Quality where it was forbidden, naming convention. So really not the most difficult rules to follow… Next time, I’ll go back to insta-DQ, as people have to learn it the hard way.

In the meantime, please work on your race cars :slight_smile:


1970 Morton Matakahi - Team Victory Lap - GR4 < 3000

FWD > RWD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Atlantic S1 and S1 Group 1, MFI, Boxer 4, SOHC, and 5 speed in the same car. Group 1 2000cc. A showcase of technology.


In collaboration with @Repti:

More Pictures


I am screwed and I don’t care


the suspense is killing me


At least it´s green.


1970 Edelgard Dragoon GT 367R

Edelgard Racing Europe Competition Team
GR4 Open

Here to show what America’s got - with 6L of V8 power.


Bresko Rainerhorn NR250

Bresko motors has updated their sports coupe with a new trim, the NR250, made to homologate the car up to Group 3 specifications as descripted by the FIA.

<> Bremsi Brakes Livery <>

Click to display


1970 Maladus GTS-R Seabeast Motorsports #21



The Prisma Team is happy to show you its contender for the 1970 edition of the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring!

Registered In Group 4 3000+ under the number 31, it will try to compete for the overall victory!!

Firsts free sessions showed good pace under the 9:00.00 bareer!


Exodus Anima R24 #15

(Exodus-Gasól team)

Contact sheet of the Nurburgring 24H from Magnum Photos, 1970.

Exodus’ first venture into car racing, the modest hatchback has been improved to the best of its capabilities. Racing in group 2 1000cc, the team hopes for at least finishing the race; but a good result would be a nice bonus, too.


FIL will enter again… but no V12 or crazy V16, could not fit in engineering

Screaming 3L I7 with up to 260hp and 7000rpm redline, hope to beat some of you in Group2


Would be heresy if I’d not enter this competition… Group 3 is going to tremble in fear from my mighty 1800cc Boxer 4 engine :smiley: the car is decently quick though. A Youtube mini-series on its creation is coming soon!


Status Update

I wanted to give a quick update before the last minute submission madness starts again :sweat:


It seems like we have a pretty nice line-up for the race! If everybody can make it, we will have 86 cars in the race. Unfortunately, more than 25% are group 4 3000cc + cars, but that was almost expected. Anyway, higher chances for a podium in the other classes :slight_smile:

Here’s an overview of the distribution of the cars into the 18 different classes. It is still possible to move from Group 1 to Group 2 and from Group 3 to Group 4, depending on the level of modifications to the race car. Thus, there are two tables each for Group 2 and Group 4, one considering all potential Group transitions (max), one assuming everybody stays in their class (min).

Check out the other cars here if you haven’t done so yet.

Car Numbers

These people still need to claim their car numbers here:

Race Car Submission

I am still missing race cars from these entries:

If you already sent your race car but didn’t receive practice results yet, it is possible that it has gone lost in the process. Please send a PM in the same PM thread again to make me aware.

  • Deadline for the race car submission is still on Monday, September 14, 6 a.m. CEST.

  • PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the rules and the allowed modifications. Every car not built according to the rules is increasing my workload and is potentially delaying the challenge.

Due to the long list above, I will get many last minute submissions (as for the homologation cars). I will need a bit more time to generate the practice results. It is very likely that the deadline for strategy submissions will need to be adjusted (postponed) because of that. Don’t worry, we’ll get your car into the race, even if you don’t get your practice results before September 16.

Practice Results

I have already processed and sent practice results from 51 competitors. If you have sent your race car, you should have received a PM with practice results. If not, please let me know.

Two cars are still in the pipeline, waiting for more cars to join their practice group:

When I have done the practice results, I will send those in a PM together with more instructions on the final race entry and the strategy submission.

Other Notes

Due to the huge number of entries, a very small underestimation of effort to process the cars and real life and work needing some attention in the upcoming days, I’m a bit behind schedule with the required feature additions to the BRC simulation. My original goal was to run the race before the real-world 24h race end of September. It is possible that I cannot hold on to that goal. But I also think it is not a big issue if the race is run in October.

And a more general note: Thanks a lot for the big response and the big interest in the challenge! This keeps me motivated to push forward. But I will need to streamline and automate a bit more of the challenge management in the future. And help you with a few tools to self-check your cars. And DQ immediately if not built correctly :wink:


Is it time for a rethink? :thinking:


1970 - Ryuko AC - Seiryū GT
#46 Internerional Pacific Suisei Racing Team
GR4 - At the Nürburgring



Tanaka Enters the 1970 FIA Group 4 Race!

And they are doing it with their one and only sports car at that time, the C28X. In 1970, the C28X was in its last legs as Tanaka couldn’t afford to continue producing these cars. So, as a supposedly “final” edition, they debuted the TXS version to compete in the FIA Group 4 road racing.

The 1970 Tanaka C28X TXS.

More pics for the homoligation verson...

The #43 Fujisaki Tanaka C28X TXS Group 4 Race Car.

Even more pics for the race car version...