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Budget bash


Emer TS1 - Track.car (41.0 KB)


If it has B. at the end its the budget category. Example Light Sport B.

@lukerules117 I don’t have enough information to properly score yours.

Scores are otherwise updated.


The Zenith 244 is an entry-level luxury car offering a 155 hp turbocharged 1.7 liter engine, 39 MPG and extremely advanced features for its pricepoint. It offers active suspension, a nine speed transmission, longitudinal AWD and a premium interior at just $24458. Comfortable seating for four inside and a small but smooth engine up front lead it to score 120.1 in Premium Budget.


The Zenith 444 is a mid-size premium sedan, offering a 232 hp turbocharged 2.3 liter six cylinder, 34 MPG and advanced features for its price. It offers comfortable active suspension, a nine speed automatic, and longitudinal AWD at just $26798. This allows the sedan to score 122.9 in Premium Budget.


The Fuji Chancellor was introduced in 1982 as a large luxury car aimed at the Asian market. Demand overseas, however, became so great that the car was shipped across to Gasmean dealerships.


Interesting how my convertible still has a 6% penalty for “non-preferred body”… lol

2012 Keystone C4000Z


1985 Teskamachisk Utility Hatch

Fun Budget - 165.8
Pony Budget - 122.9
Sport Budget - 114.5


Finally someone used that body. Looks good!


The 1300 Junior GT in Fuoco Corse private team 's livery.


The Gelf 1500 a four seats hatback for pony budget category

and the Gelf 1500 GTI a track budget version


People who buy convertibles/want to buy convertibles don’t like convertibles I guess…


It’s because they want a metal roof convertible, those don’t get the penalty but cost more


The MILANO HTS (Hard Top Sport). the convertible car that combines interior and premium equipment with a racing soul at, relatively, low price.


The 2000 Yotata Sap, a 1.8l FWD coupe with great performance and enough space for a few shopping bags in the back.

L sport B.-162.7
Track B.-133.7
Conv Sport B.-106.1
Sport B.-125.6
yotata sap - Sport Automatic.car (23.5 KB)

Also, the yotata winky rally edition, a compact perfect for those who want something fun for them and a couple of friends

Commuter B.-151.3
Fun B.-278.4
Conv Sport B.-137.9
pony B-163.8
Sport B-185.5
Yotata Winky - Rally Edition.car (22.3 KB)



In 1950, Fat’s commercial management decided to produce a berlinetta in order to revive the sporting image of the brand and despite the G.M. Dante Giocoso considered it inappropriate to distract the few technical forces, already involved in car projects for the big series, in order to achieve a model of which it was easy to foresee the modest production of specimens, even if successful.
the car was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1952 and, not to interfere with the production of series, it was built in the Section of Special Bodyworks of the Fat. As foreseen by Giocoso, the car had little success, also due to the high cost that, to the small, wealthy clientele, made cars much more noble.

Following the sudden closure of production, Zigoto offered to take over the 25 remaining unsold cars, which were granted to him at the liquidation price. With a few modifications to the bodywork and some measures to increase the engine power, the “8V Sport” was built, a car that had great success in European and American sports competitions, reaping a numerous series of laurels, including four consecutive national championships of speeds (1955-1958) for 2000 GT cars. Memorable was the victory achieved at the AVUS, in the 1955 Grand Prix of Berlin, where the “8V” piloted by Elia Zigoto, succeeded in the unexpected task of beating Porsche on the home track, also setting the best lap of the race. Realizing the return for the sporting image of the company, Fiat offered to provide for the efficient maintenance of the vehicles through its racing department. It is perhaps the only case of a sports model that began to win in competitions after coming out of production.






(I can only upload 1 image apparantly, lame.)

Divenire LS 2.2

My budget sporty daily driver with design inspired by the Toyota Celica.
It features a 132 hp carbed 2.2l I4. I raised the ignition timing, cam profile and overall engine quality and sacrificed suspension sophistication with McPherson struts in the front and a semi trailing arm in the rear.

It has a tendency to oversteer on the track so you gotta be careful when driving fast.

I’m fairly new to Automation/Beam but this is the car I’m most happy with so far. I’m also not very familiar with 70’s cars so it was a bit tricky deciding what to do with the engine and design.





powered by the finest meta

also a necro cuz game machine broke


You need to link the export as well, especially with those scores.

I might close this soon due to changes in the game since opening it.