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Budget bash


Holy… I think you broke the game honestly, I expected to find the fuel economy bug but nope


This body is the ultimate budget body, I wanted to find the limit.

For achana, the score is like 529 something, it’s ridiculous.


A Godhap & Whent that apparently isn’t rubbish… unless you count turbo 4 cylinder fwd auto as rubbish

G&W Stamford II 78 - 82 Interceptor USM Clone.car (37.1 KB)


A bit of optimization used on my WST homologation sports car and it apparently does pretty well.
Ars Eligos GXi
L Sport Budget: 146.6
Track Budget: 122.8
ARS Eligos - GXi.car (27.1 KB)


Wow! It’s been a while, eh? So, I originally built this for a CSR, but didn’t think it’d fit the bill (service costs were horrendous, and you don’t want to know what I did to make it driveable)

Nagoya Sparrow - SXY.car (23.3 KB)

I edited this, adjusted the aero and fine tuned (read min/maxed) the suspension and brakes Lt. Sports budget is now in the mid 170s


1980 Kansei - Takyon Saloon.car (34.9 KB)
Premium Budget: 155.3
Sport Budget: 133.9


Vela - 2400ES.car (15.8 KB)

Introducing the Vela 2400ES, a base model of midship sports car that coincidentally released shortly before the oil embargo, equipped with 2.4L OHV “Ferrite Jack” Inline 4 engine commonly found on Brent’s family cars, tuned to make healthy 110+hp to reach 100mph next to nowhere.

No Frills!

Track Budget : 111.5

forgot to replace the tire compound so dem running costs


This is The 1000 GT a classical italian customized autowork budget sport car.


Fuji Courier - 2000 MY BE Hatchback. Cheap, reliable, efficient and capable small city car, scoring 127.2 in City Budget. Also includes cheaty mode, where it scores 166.3 (-50%). Has an EC12M 3 cylinder DOHC engine producing 104 hp and 80 ft-lbs of torque (flat curve!) paired to a four speed automatic transmission.


Also got this Little Boy™. 1.05l SOHC 3valve Fun Budget car that scores 225.8 in its category. 4 Seater Japanese Mini ripoff but it makes 54.2 hp and 59 ft-lbs at 5500 and 3500 RPM respectively. Transverse FF / wishbones F&R / 4 seats / cheap as possible. $5466 because SOHC 3V is expensive. Original pushrod engine equipped was $5150 but that was too big.


The Puck factory, which since 1901 produced cannons and vehicles for the Estria empire, following the economic crisis that followed the First World War, decided to diversify production by building mechanical components for agricultural and industrial machinery.
In 1932 the new owner the young Klaus Puck, who had studied in America where he had come into contact with the Fordist theory of labor, decided to design a small and cheap car to try to motorized the Estria.
It was only in 1936 that the 260 was put into production which brought together the dimensions and the manageability of a city car with off-road abilities due to the conditions of the roads.

The 260 was produced from 36 to 40, and after the interval of World War II from 46 to 48.


In 1949, the 206 B was produced, also available in a metal roof version, which had headlights integrated into the bodywork and the 586 cc engine was reshaped to provide more power and efficiency.


In 1955 Puck presented the Neues 260, New 260 in English, which compared to the previous model had the quadrilateral suspension at the front of the boosted drum brakes and a set-up aimed at fun driving.
Furthermore, the design and the shape of the body were totally new and more in step with the times.
The new engine had a displacement increased to 597 cc.


Okay stop, I can’t take it anymore, I need an answer. Now.

Why are 90% of your taillights white

Fo real


…So are V16s allowed? those are good for budget cars right? Same with hydropnumatic suspension?

The Zitrone sixteen was designed to be the companies top of the line international model equiped with everything you could ask for including Hydropneumatic suspension, an 8-track player, and the V16 it is named after. despite all these high end components it still manages to be relatively affordable and is even planned to be sold in Archana.


What categories are you scoring for as from the categories we can see there’s no budget ones there :frowning:


Premium budget convertable budget and convertable sport budget… And I just realized that you can’t see the score for that…


Nissa 1400’ s was The tipichal economy italian two seats GT of middle '50


2012 Centauri Phoenix Sport RS

Centauri Phoenix - Sport RS.car (17.3 KB)

Light Sport Budget 162
Track Budget 161.8
Sport Budget 110.6
Convertible Sport Budget 103.3


I will update the score board soon, I have been busy.