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Budget bash


So I originally set out to make a fun people’s car, and accidentally spent all night making the ultimate vehicular toy.

Apparently it’s a widebody Kei Minivan.

Sofia - LX.car (17.0 KB)

It has a score of 360.2 for Gasmea for Fun Budget.
I may have spent a bit too much time on this.


Holy… I think you broke the game honestly, I expected to find the fuel economy bug but nope


This body is the ultimate budget body, I wanted to find the limit.

For achana, the score is like 529 something, it’s ridiculous.


A Godhap & Whent that apparently isn’t rubbish… unless you count turbo 4 cylinder fwd auto as rubbish

G&W Stamford II 78 - 82 Interceptor USM Clone.car (37.1 KB)


A bit of optimization used on my WST homologation sports car and it apparently does pretty well.
Ars Eligos GXi
L Sport Budget: 146.6
Track Budget: 122.8
ARS Eligos - GXi.car (27.1 KB)