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[BUG] Car designer going crazy when creating new engine for facelift


Aight lemme tell you a story. It happenned a few times and I was able to recreate the thing with a testbed car in the same circumstances. So:

-I have a car, from a certain year. Here, 1987.
-I have a few trims for the year 1987.
-Here, all the trims run on the same already existing engine, but when I either build a new engine for the first trim while making it, or take an existing engine / a new variant of an existing engine, all goes well.
-It’s 1992 now, and I need a facelift for the car.

So far, so good.
Except now, I want to create a brand new engine for that facelift. So naturally what I do is:


So. The engine years are weird af, but so far, there’s no apparent bug.

That is, until I go back in the lower tabs to actually build the engine.

I can select internals even though I’ve never actually set the engine up, game doesn’t know the layout / number of cylinders yet so that means I can move around those bore and stroke sliders all the way I want and it’s still gonna display 2000cc and 86.0mm

When I had enough fun with this I went into the actual family variant tab to set the engine properly and…
Well, for one, no matter which size I chose, the engine didn’t fit.

And if you look closely, you’ll see the real problem, the one that actually f*cks up my sandbox:

And then when I go back in the car designer and select one of my first 1987 trims:

Can’t set the car year back to 1987 cuz there’s more than one trim
Can’t set the trim year up to 1992 cuz “can’t set trim year lower than car year”

So at this point, all I have to do is delete every single trim of the car except one. … Or all the trims, cuz “can’t set trim year, blah blah”

Oh yeah, and the brand new 1992 engine disappears from the engine builder altogether, despite naming it.

It happenned twice, on cars that had like 7 trims already T_T
And it does it every single time, so what I have to do is quit the car designer, create an engine from scratch, puttin random parts on it, and then reopen the car designer and put that same engine in the car, where I can size it to see if it fits.

Hope this is enough info to look into this "^^