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Build "RC3" - Trim Name Doesn't Save


Issue: Trim name doesn’t save when creating a model.

How to replicate:

  • Create a new model

  • Select an existing engine

  • Change trim name

  • Click “edit trim” button, and trim name reverts back to “Trim 1”

  • Complete trim creation (finishing with suspension), and edit trim name within the car designer

  • Go back one level to trim overview, and trim name reverts back to “Trim 1”

  • Edit trim name (again) from trim overview, and clone completed trim

  • Trim name reverts to “Trim 1” and clone says “Trim 1 Clone”

It appears the only place you can edit the trim name and it will hold is the Car Projects menu.


Thanks for that :slight_smile: we’re fixing that now.