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Calvinator Auto Corp


@rcracer11m the car was the fastest in the International Automobile Racing Organization - Stock Car Auto Racing division (IARO-SCAR (Pronounced Arrow Scar)) till 1972 when the car was ban from racing cause it was “Too Fast”. The whole Reason the IARO was created was because IRA banned Calvinator before they can even release their race car’s gen 2 cause it was “Too Fast” (160 mph isn’t too fast). @AmaSlay, the car won’t die out on you cause there is a personal air unit that when the temp guage went off, the driver pressed a button so that the engine will cool off to a reasonable temperature (now its automated). @Dorifto_Dorito, the modern cars have different drive modes, Calva made it illegal for any cars (local and export) to not have drive modes if they have over 500 BHP (and if you are a member of the Calvinator Club, you only pay 500K upfront and you get any Calvinator for only 20K).


You Didn’t answer rcracer’s question.


Oh, @rcracer11m. Let me get back to you on that.


You what m8? Thats still too expensive. Considering what you get, $500,000 upfront and then $20,000 for each other car is still stupidly expensive. Do you actually look up prices for cars IRL. Even top end sports cars dont go for $500,000. Let alone your city car. That costs $260,000. And all you get is 230 hp. You having a laugh? You could afford a house for that price.


Bugatti? Venom GT? Koenigsegg One:1? SSC Ultimate Aero? Nissan GTR? The 500K was a one time pay only.


Good Car. Good Car. Good Car. Good Car. Overpriced.

Guess which one your car follows.


Yeah and its still a ripoff. All Im saying is, stop with the bloody quality spam.


Nissan GTR was a bit overpriced. It was an over glorified Mustang with AWD basically.


Gotta hand it to ya, you sure know how to be a dense motherfucker.


Serious talk though

Who the fuck would even be willing to pay $500k for a fucking auto club with the most below subpar cars ever. Everything I’ve seen you make doesn’t seem to show any sort of flying fuck over styling, just, ooooooooooo how much shit can I put into this car


Amaslay, where did you get that last quote? I never typed that up.



How do I ban AmaSlay? He somehow managed to quote something I would never type up.


This is MY THREAD. @AmaSlay, you are ban from posting here as soon as I can ban you. I said “Let me get back to you on that cause of all the BS this thread is receiving that apparently I am still dealing with!”

  1. you can’t
  2. you can’t
  3. she’s a she
  4. you cant
    Forgot several thing edit:
  5. even if it’s your thread, don’t double post for no good reason
  6. if you think we can ban people from threads, how much thread do you think you have been banned out of? Ever thought of that?


who said I’m banned from posting here? Freedom of speech, yo.



Helpful, really helpful. This is basically telling me that they get to rub all the hate they want in my face cause I build something fast and they think it is awful. There is the freedom of speech, but there is also the right to remain silent.

Trust me, not much, just people who take it to ridiculous levels.


Listen up, if you want to not be a laughingstock here, follow these simple steps:

  1. Stop with the goddamn quality spam
  2. Stop with the goddamn quality spam
  3. Put at least some effort in designing stuff
  4. Did I already say stop with the goddamn quality spam?


There’s also the intelligence to separate facts from opinions


Oboi ready the handcuffs my good man because you sure are still avoiding the fucking questions

How about you stop being a fucking brat about this and actually give us good hard evidence as to how your fabulous shit is true

You make Trump look like Ghandi in terms of emotions, that’s saying something.


@Dorifto_Dorito, I am sorry that my cars don’t conform to the “2018 style guidelines” they are my cars, they can look how ever I want.

Quiet! Everyone!

@AmaSlay, aren’t all these car companies made up? I don’t swear on National TV. And lets try to kkep politics off my threads, please.