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Calvinator XC Series Truck


Here is the All New XC Series Truck Line. Fastest Trucks on Earth.


This is a 2 ton that can really kick rear.
Designed to compete with the Ram Rebel TRX
CNCharger - C-Series.zip (24.9 KB)

-Engine: CV8 630ci DOHC NA
-Trans: 7 Speed Sequential
-Power: 1138 BHP
-Speed: 225.5 mph
-Accel: 0-60 @ 5.2 sec

Calvinator Auto Corp
The Shromet Corporation

Can you not make a new thread everytime you post a car. That would be nice.


and here is the 550 4X4 R
CNCharger - C-Series.zip (42.6 KB)



There are Acura RX’s and Mazda RX’s. I think we can be cool dude. Tell me about your truck.


I will rename it to XC series.


I can tell you that mine gets the job done, efficiently.


Stats? Can I have a link?
Why are their exhausts in the front bumper.


It’s a regular ass work truck what do you need stats for. If you need ingame stats there aren’t any because the file got wiped from my harddrive


351.8k @ 0% markup in the sandbox designer, I’m sure that’s an improvement already.

It’ll definitely be the fastest truck of next century, when ICE has been completely banned in production vehicles :stuck_out_tongue:


I see. And @strop what do you mean by ICE? What part of the car is that?


ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine


got it. It is the fastest production truck ever, though.


Something something $351k sans profit margin something something F-150 something $40k retail price something


In a few decades when the engineers are finally able to finish designing it, at which point a new car getting <5mpg will not be allowed by any country.


See, I went further and projected that by that point, we won’t even be allowed to use petrol engines :stuck_out_tongue: