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Can you set the ride height on an air suspension vehicle that was created in automation in beamng?


i have created a vehicle with air suspension and i don’t know how to lift it.


Adjust suspension height before exporting.


There’s no such feature, it would be cool, but yeah, probably hard to implement


I saw that the in-game cars from beam (civeta bolide) can be fitted with air susspension and they work. My controls are the default "shift+ g or h ". Hope they implement it in the future, my discovery 4 is not the same without rising susspension in off road situations.


Automation and beam cars are much different story


Yeah this isn’t how this works… You can edit the suspension files to that of the bolide with air suspension, but that’s a topic for the beam forums.


Thank you guys for the help. Now back to the drawing board :grin: