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Can't put any engines into the 1960's van body


I went to create a replica of the early Ford Econoline Van but when I adjusted the bore and stroke to so that the inline 6 engine was 2.4 litres it kept saying that the engine was too big and it also said that it was too big when tried put he smallest possible inline 3 in there was well. Is this a bug or something. I am currently on the open-beta branch.


Hi there! This is certainly something I can look in to.
Firstly, what body are you trying to put the engine in? We don’t have any officially licensed bodies, so a ‘Ford Econoline’ isn’t something we have :wink:
It could be an issue with the body itself, or it could be an issue with the setup of the engine you are trying to use.
If you could tell me: the BodyEditor variant name you’re trying to put the engine in, and the engine layout (front, rear, longitudinal, transverse, etc).