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Car corrupted, won't load stats


I was making a car in the latest open beta release, when this happened:

Stats, graph, etc, won’t load even if I change stuff, options, etc; they will be stuck in a perpetual loop. I’ve already tried checking the files on Steam, but that didn’t solve the problem.


Have you been through every tab, body, engine and trim checking that everything is OK?

I’ve had it and clicking off and back onto stuff has fixed it.


Yeah, clicking off and back onto stuff won’t solve this, it also happens in the engine tab :sweat:


Apparently certain fixtures don’t currently play nice with the editor, there’s a hotfix coming.


I get that occasionally. Open another car, fixes it for me.


Tried opening another car as well. No result either. Has to be this exact car somehow :frowning:


Ok. Try to reload the car again. Click on the model now, and load again.

Seems to be a bug.


Try to choose monocoque chassis, semi-space frame causes this issue, I assume that is what we see here.


Still weird. I used both monocoque and full space frame. Still the issue remains. Is there any way to get the game to log what’s happening?