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Car exporting without sound


I’m on build 200401.12304.2085 and I’ve tried exporting this car twice, but it has no engine sound in BeamNG, however all other sounds seem to work fine.
Galt_Ceres_-_Ralleye_RWD_MK1.car (36.3 KB)


Have you tried to clear your Beam cache? i.e., are you sure the problem lies with Automation here?


I know it was working just fine yesterday and nothing else really changed, but i’ll give it a try


I have done that and there is still no sound. as for if automation or beam issue, I wouldn’t know how to tell, though I will crosspost to Beam support if necessary.


Alright, we’ll have a look!


Looks like we fixed the issue, should be good in the next patch. Cheers!


Hi, roughly when is the next patch supposed to come out?


It is out now, but only on openbeta of course. Stable also doesn’t work in that regard. We’re looking into getting that fixed there too without changing anything else.