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Car Replicas


You can put multiple small, nearly unvisible spoilers on the back :stuck_out_tongue:


Vector W8


Lister Storm


Nissan Juke.
214 hp.

Nissan_Juke_-_Nissan_Juke.car (33.2 KB)


Did you forgot to put stuff other than on the front lmao


I can’t tell the difference, great job!


Peugeot 1.4 Hdi from 2006 replica.


Here is my 2001 Rover 75 replica - the Imperial 900 Series. This particular one is the 920 Estate version with 16" Alloy wheels, body coloured door mirrors and the 147bhp Rover 2.0 V6 engine!

Let me know what you guys think and if you want to see some more?
I have replicated a few different trim levels and engines including the 2004 face lift and even the MG ZT version!


Here’s a view of the rear!


thats amazing, could you perhaps send me the .car file for a saloon version of that? id like to try something with it if you wouldnt mind @Ding-A-Ling-A-Dong-A


I’m glad you like it! I don’t have a saloon version of that one sorry, what did you want to do to it? I might have already done it myself


i wanted to give it a coupe style and sporty stuff


A car that might cause you lot to shout at me but eh well. Presenting My Replica ish of the much maligned, much taken the piss out of, AUSTIN ALLEGRO


Whatsup with characteristics? You maded 1000 cc engine? I am know low capacitys working motors difficult export to Beam.
By the way, in this way we can find out when the game will be updated automatically for all players, because is known that Version 4.2.4 support weak motors.


640 hp@ 6000 rpm (must be)
814 nm@ 5000 rpm(must be)
This perfect car turned out very nervously, still would, the car has rear-wheel drive!
I spent 3 hours on create it today.
I also did not forget about the design and it combines two forms body.
I used mod Coupe_BodyEditor_Thumb Coupe 2007.
Wheelbase = 2.6 meters.

dODGE_vIPER_2017_-_dODGE_vIPER_2017.car (31.0 KB)


D R E A M I N G - I N - D U T C H - 1 9 9 4

(Volvo 460 GL)


Ford Transit MK3 Top Gear Furriers LTD after Jeremy “replaced” the door.
Top_Gear_Ford_transit_MK3_-_Top_Gear_Furriers_LTD.car (205.0 KB)


The zombie apocalypse?


Viper with steelies? :thinking:


1991 Mercedes-Benz 300D (W124) replica.