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Car Replicas


Hennessey Venom GT
(i made this back in august)


Thought I was dead?

In case you really care about how it looked, I decided not to use any mods for this build.


Here are a few I’ve made


2017 Equus Throwback S

Equus_Throwback_-_S.car (83.8 KB)



1972 Renault Alpine A110

Renault_Alpine_A110_-_1100.car (77.0 KB)


1984 Toyota MR-2 AW11

Toyota_MR-2_-_AW11.car (93.2 KB)


1990 Chevy Beretta GTZ (it only let me post one photo :confused: it aint much like the others on here; but its something.)


2002 (1999 - 2004) Ford Mustang SVT

2002_Ford_Mustang_-_SVT_New_Edge.car (87.1 KB)


hey i made a mustang once too!


99 Chevy Cavalier Z24


Almost forgot about this thing I made a while ago

2004 JinBei HaiShi

Basically a Chinese Hiace. While Wuling Hongguang dominated the family minivan market, this thing was the go-to choice for people movers or cargo vehicles.


replica of my dads '92 camaro rs


cobalt ig


1962 Volvo Amazon


1929 Chenard et Walcker Y9c (but it’s a 2 door)

I tried to replicate the Y9c with the Dutch plate AM-22-77 which my grandpa restored from basically a heap of rusted metal in 2005. It was pretty hard considering the fact that Automation isn’t made for pre-war cars, the rarity of the car and the fact that all reference material looked like minecraft pixel art, but I think it came out well (if you ignore the quickly thrown together interior).

Also sadly no eagle on the radiator :frowning:

More photo's

The original car


Download: 1929_Chenard_et_Walcker_y6c_-_2dr_AM-22-77.car (124.0 KB)

Please ignore the fact that the file name contains y6c while it is a y9c


Had a go at an RS4 this time. I think it went okay though the front needs work before I’ll show that officially. Next project related to this is a roof box


2000 Perodua Kancil GX 850