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Cars Inexplicably Slowing Down On Test Track


Hosting this edition of the Car Shopping Round, one of the criteria for the entrants to meet was the ability to reach a certain speed by the end of track I custom-made for the occasion. However, it has come to my attention that the very fastest cars in this challenge are actually slowing down right at the finish line, for seemingly no reason at all. Here is an animated gif of the phenomenon we’ve encountered:

Notice how the driver applies the brakes right at the very end of the track.

There is no reason for this to be happening according to the track design, which consists of three sectors; a short straight, a constant-radius left-hand turn, and a long straight final sector, as shown here in TrackEdit:

Here is the track in question that I created, and also, here is an example of a car that is affected by this bug:

CSR97 Test - V8 Chase Car Test.car (14.2 KB)

Any feedback would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


The track simulation in Automation is derived from the former BRC simulation (or the other way around :slight_smile: ) and that’s why it is considering each track as a closed loop - it doesn’t check if it really is.

What’s now happening in your case is that the car is reaching the end of the “lap” and looking ahead already: Next lap there would be a short, 80 meters straight (first segment) and then a corner (second segment), so it needs to brake before the start/finish line as it does not want to crash the car in the upcoming lap.

Workaround for your challenge: Make the first straight segment longer. 20m are enough for this car, but to be save I would recommend 50 meters. Hope that is understandable and this works for your challenge!