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Chickenbiscuit's Mods (C4 Corvette)



New curvy sports car body based on the Mitsubishi GTO/3000gt is now in the steam workshop. Thanks to the devs and people in the discord for helping me get this thing together!


New C4 Corvette based body on the steam workshop! More variants coming soon.


Heaven… thank you for making this a reality.


Great job! Easily one of the best looking models in the game.


Damn nice.


Yos ! Moar jdm plz


Back in the days of the Kee engine version, I realized that the mod for the 4th-gen Camaro/Firebird body could be used to make a good approximation of the 3000GT. And now that we have a mod for the latter, I can’t wait to try it.


Wow thank you. I’m still working out some things here and there but it should be all fixed up soon. Might even make a spyder variant, but idk yet.


When I first tried out your 3000GT mod, I realized that things would get screwy if I lowered the ride height too much - but I had fun with it anyway. Now that you’ve fixed the ride height bug, it works better than ever for me.

And having realized that the rear window morph can be pushed quite a long way back, I’m expecting this body to be used as the basis for C5 Corvette and 4th-gen Camaro replicas as well, especially since the mod’s proportions are closer to those of both cars than I thought.


That’s what I was going for with the rear morphs. It’s like a smaller version of the Camaro that will eventually be in the game. I think I’ll start working on a C4 Corvette body soon to fill some gaps and makeas a sort of predecessor to the 3000gt.


New body in the first post.


You’re on a roll! Keep up the great work!


The smaller version of the C4 body now works fine as a mid-engined car with transversely mounted engines, but doesn’t work at all in a front-engined configuration, even though it looks like it could.


Oh, hmmm…thought I had it working before, thanks for letting me know. I might not get to it till tomorrow, but I’ll update it as soon as I can.