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Clira Showcase


Eh I guess I will share some cars that don’t fit the lore.

1984 Aventi Avici

  • Should I turn Aventi to offical brand? and develop lore around it
  • Yes you should!
  • No!

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If you think the Aventi Avici needs to be fully fleshed out then, by all means, go ahead and make lore for it. But lore needs maintenance and you don’t want to overburden yourself with lore spam, especially if the companies are really similar to each other!

My 2c: Make a main company that you do most of your lore for. Have other brands if you wish, just tie them to your main brand or leave them as lore stubs. That way you’ll have energy to keep your main brand alive when you’re sick of Automation (yes, this happens, hahaha) and you can use the alternate brands to soak up excess enthusiasm when you’re in love with Automation!


HEAVILY support this part.

Having one company (in my case Anhultz) greatly helps in building a brand identity and prevents jumping from place to place in design and philosophy.

If you want supplementary brands (in my case Keika and the soon-to-be founded Moover) then by all means go for it.

But having about 25 brands, each with their own quirks, backstory and developments soo becomes REALLY hard to keep track of.


Well looks it time to develop lore around it :persevere: