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Community Redesign Centre (CRC)


There’s a lot of cars here. Many are already quite good. I’ve never seen anyone redesign a Zephorus, so what better time than now? I’m sure the community would love something even if its just to look at rather than redesign. Anyway, here goes
Also Tronny 1 entry per day is quite a lot as we are seeing already

We’ll start easy, this is an old design of mine which i haven’t re done myself yet. I wouldn’t bother about the mechanical decisions because its a quality spammed mess, i origionally wanted something fun in beam. So I’m interested in the design, not the engineering.

Looking at it now, there’s improvement to be made, and I wonder whether people will change it to be better. It has all the Zephorus qualities, agression, style and speed. I want to see what you lot can do.

Zephorus - XX.car (56.6 KB)


i didn’t think redesigning another persons car and then submitting my own would count


Yeah, I mistook your previous post for a request post. Sorry.


Updated the thread with the template included for forum uses


Here is the Drachen Luxus by Spander. I couldn’t keep the triangular grille, so I took some liberties with the original design. I’ve also reworked the engine and the tuning. Hope you like it!
Original Car Link (the original .car file): Drachen Luxus - MD-S.car (33.1 KB)
Car Name (the original car name): rachen Luxus
Author (of the redesigned car) : randomtuner
Desc (optional) : Mostly complete overall. I only kept the round shape of the headlights and the badge. I tried to keep the triangular grille but couldn’t. The look may be too much away from the original car.

The link:
Drachen Luxus - MD-S Spander.car (48.8 KB)


Here’s the Di Inferi Ozen. I designed it around January/February this year. It really doesn’t have that many fixtures as it’s an older car by me, but it’d be cool to see what people can do with it. Re-engineer it, re-design it, go crazy.

Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe.car (43.3 KB)


Finished up this one nicely imo.

S - Y Concept
Original Author - @ProfessorP3PP3R
Original Car - Silver-York - 2019 design prototype 5.car (128.0 KB)

More Pictures

New - Silver-York - 2019 design prototype 5 Clone.car (141.5 KB)


ive had a go at remaking your car, i have took quite a few Bentley styles for it

Drachen Luxus - MD-S.car (41.9 KB)


So… let’s try this out.
I need a 1980 facelift of the 1974 Renoir Grand Prix.
I dont give you any restrictions, but try to keep it a Renoir (see thread)

Renoir Grand Prix - 27TX Clone.car (25.3 KB)


Another car done. hopefully this isnt breaking the rules, since its just posting a redesign rather than another of my own?

Voltan Switchback Mk2
Original Author - @TheTechnoVampire
Original car file - Voltan_Switchback_-_Mk2.car (73.4 KB)

New - Voltan Switchback - Mk2 Clone.car (81.9 KB)


Huangdou CC - Au.car (102.0 KB)

Enjoy playing around with it. Just curious to see people’s spins on the design :smiley:


Original Car Link: Silver-York - 2019 design prototype 5.car (128.0 KB)

Original Car: Silver York 2019 prototype
Original Author: @ProfessorP3PP3R
Here’s my take on the glorious modern Silver York.


Just WOW.
The Professor is already a very talented designer and surely among the best five here in the forums but you just improved it to absolute perfection.


Hades Carthena - 1200.car (30.5 KB)

The 2018 Hades Halo car, the Carthena doesn’t look very good. I kinda need it redesigned into something a bit more modern and agressive compared to the rather shitty current model. REQUIRES V16 DLC


I gotchu :wink:

1980 Renoir Grand Prix 27TX (BF9)

Original Author: @CMT
Original Car: Renoir Grand Prix - 27TX Clone.car (25.3 KB)

OG Grand Prix


Télécharger: Renoir Grand Prix - 27TX-BF9.car (68.3 KB)

With regards from BF9 Autohaus

Bf94387 Design showcase [2015 Alfrazza Madiava]

Original Car Link (the original .car file): Di Inferi - Ozen Coupe.car (43.3 KB)

Car Name : Di Inferi Ozen Coupe 2018

Author : Metric-Miura

Desc : I managed to keep my redesign quite tame. It’s not too crazy but a good modernization of the overall car. I didn’t alter the engine.

New Trim : Spander New Ozen Coupe 2020

Link to the redesign : Di Inferi - Spander New Ozen Coupe 2020.car (56.4 KB)


Redesigned Drachen Luxus MD-S, originally by @randomtuner

Tried to be as close to the original as I could but there is some stuff I had to take “creative liberties” in, hope you like it! (Haven’t touched the tune yet but once I do I’ll post the .car file)

EDIT: I have made some adjustments to the tune to make it more on par with its presumed IRL competitors such as the BMW M5 or Audi RS5, and now here is the .car file
Drachen Luxus - MD-S.car (57.6 KB)


I’ll propose a car of mine to redesign!
This car is the Illusion Cadet 2019. A nice small (actually crazy) hatchback designed for the fruinian market. Unhappy with their design, the company decided to launch a call for tender to make a new design. But they would like to keep the engine untouched.
The car : Illusion - Cadet 2019.car (49.3 KB)


Original Car Link : Drachen Luxus - MD-S.car (33.1 KB)
Car Name : Drachen Luxus
Author : randomtuner
Desc : Totally not a Bentley.

Drachen Luxus - MD-S.car (33.1 KB)


Way more accurate to the original car than my design for sure!
Good job.