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Computah, the youngest soccer dad. 2012 VW Touran TDI


“Being a soccer dad in your late teens sure is weird. And I love it.”

Said nobody ever. Except me.

It was about time I brought you guys my ride. Not technically mine, but the family’s. However, I am the one putting the most miles in it at this point in time so it’s practically mine. It’s diesel. It’s Volkswagen. And it’s a minivan.

It’s a VW Touran TDI!

It has some story to it. Why a minivan over a hatchback or sedan? Well, my mother is a pottery artisan and she needed a large trunk to fit a pottery wheel and blocks of clay inside. Lots of clay. She could’ve gone for one of these trendy crossovers instead, but she picked a minivan and I’m actually glad she did. Over the years both my mother and my father needed the car less and less, and I started needing it to go to university every day.

That six speed manual is the stuff dreams are made of.

The car came equipped with the 1.6L TDI engine, turbocharged. It puts out 95hp, pathetic indeed, but hey, the low end focus means it’s a comfy cruiser and saves a ton of fuel. Combine this with a 6 speed manual and you have a boring-fun car. Did I say it is a mile eater? Super comfy in long distance travelling.

Mistakes were made. Won’t happen again.

In retrospect, I grew to love this car. It’s no shitty crossover that handles like a boat, saves fuel, offers some fun with that 6 speed and sure is reliable. So hey, it might be no sports car but I sure love it and I’d actually be sad if the minivan disappeared in favor of the CUV/SUVs. The handling is not that bad either, and driving it in some b roads, while it might seem a waste of time, feels good; the 6 speed makes driving the good ol’ Touran like a dance. I like that.

A minivan can even be attractive to me. No crossover will ever be.

And if you ever hear a diesel engine followed by synthwave blasted from a phone, and see a gray VW Touran, you’ll know that’s me.


Hot diggity, it even has roof rails!


If I’m going to be a soccer dad, might as well do it RIGHT! :grin:


That is perfect, absolutely perfect!

I love it


PLEASE tell me you yell at the kids to get off the lawn?


Get yourself lots of hot water, pour it over that dent in the bumper until it’s nice and hot, then reach up behind there and pop that dent out.

Alternately, you can use a hair dryer, or even a heat gun, but I caution, you can melt the paint if you’re not careful.

A propane space heater, or a heat lamp can also work…but again, don’t melt the paint.

Hot water is the safe bet for the first time dent popper.

Trust me…I’m a body man.


Not yet…but whenever I start doing it I’ll know my conversion has begun for real :sweat_smile:

@HardRooster thank you! I’ll have to try the hot water trick whenever I can get around to it, right now it’s slightly destroying the looks of it :sob:


I should clarify what I mean by hot. Boil like 2 large pots of water on the stove. Like simmering boil, not roiling. You want the water to be below boiling by the time you make it outside to the car. 90c should be just fine, and it’ll be safe on the paint.

It’s not going to fix it 100%, but it’ll fix it 90%.

And I always yell at the kids to get off my lawn, which really confuses them because I don’t have a lawn.


Mr Computah… Touran vs Verso race? :joy:



Will that trick work for hail damage? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t think so


Actually, it’s almost the exact same technique. Just a few differences.

First, you wont boil any water.

Second, you want to call around and get recommendations for the best PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) person (not company, you want the name of the individual) you can find. Use the name that comes up most.

Then, call that person and schedule an appointment to have your dents removed.

Other than that, it’s the exact same process.


A six speed! No DSG blowing up problems for you! :stuck_out_tongue: