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Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!


Erm… Certainly not that.

But yes please, Mazda.


Bentley Hunaudières

VW’s 8.0 W16, 623BHP. In 1999.
This thingus led to the birth of Bugatti Veyron.


Nuclear reactor? Yes please.


Oh god… that reminds me of that weird cadillac nuclear car myth that went around the internet where nobody even stopped to think a nuclear reactor needs like 2 feet of lead and 6 feet of concrete around it.


This was the Ford Nucleon, a scale model in '58 to hypothesize what a car with a nuclear reactor would look like.


The definition of retrofuturism


By 2069 nuclear powered cars are apparently going to be a thing according to fallout.


GM had a go as well, The Thorium Cadillac can run for 100 Years on 8 Grams.


HOLY COW - You just invented stoner country! That’s a perfect name for a song :joy:


This is exactly the thing i was talking about earlier


That sounds perfect for a zombie apocalypse car :smiley:


Seems more like a car that would trigger an apocalypse than one that would be used for survival


Just think, you stop to fill up, and you won’t need another fill up for twenty five years.


My favorites were:
Cadillac Cien
Chrysler ME-412
Chrysler Turbine
But those were already mentioned.
Another one I found interesting was the Jeep Hurricane Concept.


I had a hotwheels car of that hurricane


I do have one lying around somewhere. I would look for it, but alas, I’m too lazy.


At first glance I thought that thing looks like an Audi R8… then I noticed that it’s called the Hun audi ères
Can’t be because of the date… but who knows… maybe Audi dug that one up and went with it.

Since I mentioned Audi… time for something from them.

The Audi Quattro Spyder Concept from 1991;

Very elegant and clean. It was aluminium bodied with a mid-engined 174hp 2.8L V6 mated to a 5-speed manual and all wheel drive. It weighed 1100kg (2425lbs)


Makes me think of an expensive version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse at a glance.


Looks really clean. If it were real, I’d buy it.


Hunaudières is a name for a back straight from the Circuit De La Sarthe. And I don’t think that has anything to do with Audi.