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Concours d'Elegance | Round 1 | Judge Applications Open


Concours d’Elegance

Every year there are plenty of car shows across the world. Some are for new and custom cars, some are for classic cars. But all have one thing in common, the love of cars. The idea of the Concours d’Elgance is to celebrate all cars, no-matter of style, performance or age.

How Each Round Will Work

Every round there will be a board of 4 judges (more about this further down the post), they will then judge each car for each category using a scoring system, the winner will be decided by the highest average score for each category. For every round there will be 4 category’s, each will be posted one at a time after the entries have closed. I will aim to get each category’s scores out at least 1-2 per week. Each round will most likely last 1-2 months so it is advised to take your time.

I will release the category’s when the judges have been announced.

The Judging

As said earlier there will be 4 judges. At the start of each round all who have interest in judging will enter by simply messaging me. I will then randomly select 4 judges. The judges and I will not be allowed to enter a car.

From here at the end of entries I will set up a google doc with downloads to all the cars and the scoring sheet (I will give judges permission to edit, but if I find it has been tampered then the responsible judge will be removed and a new judge selected. Once judging has come to an end I will ask each judge to write a paragraph about the winning car for each category.

How To Enter

To enter all you have to do is send your car to me when entries open. I will then give access to the car to all of the judges. There will be an entry limit to 2 category’s only (this can be one car for both or 2 different cars).

There will also be a naming convention, The first round will be CDE1 - for Platform and Family then whatever you want for trim and varient.

Judging Aplications For Round 1 Are Open - Please Submit By Monday 16th April 16:00 BST

To apply simply send me a private message in the following format;

Subject: Concours d’Elegance Judging Application
Message: Hi I would like to enter my name to be drawn for judging round 1.

This is a relatively new concept I have come up with. Ideas for improvement of the explanation on how this works and how to improve the competition are welcome.


is this still going ahead?