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Contendiente - A car forged for you. (UE4 Thread)


The origin and story of the company:

Car models.

Racing pedigree and race drivers.

Notable race cars:

Awards won by Contendiente:

Best new company 2017


I’ve had a soft spot for Contendientes in Kee, so there should be no reason it won’t happen in UE4. Will there be any remakes of existing cars from Conte in this thread? If so, they ought to look even better now than they originally did.


The Contendiente Customization Program.

(Idea inspired in the custom interiors made by @titleguy1!)


Me likey


It looks more like a touring car than an actual sports car, but it ought to be fast enough to give rivals from Erin and Merciel, to name two, a run for their money. And it makes me eager for the street-legal versions of the Enemigo.


Ah nice :grinning: so a BMW M2 for the masses kind of thing. How many people does it seat?


5 people!


2 normal and 2 very small people. Also one very tiny people… :smiley:


That’s a nice car you’ve got there, Computah.

Would drive 10/10

Also, a little bug. Is 1.6T just an engine name or it’s wrongly mentioned as 1.6 turbocharged while being N/A?


I think that is a turbo engine to improve low-end Torque. So, a low pressure turbo. Looking the max torque at 1900rpm…


Yeah, that was a typo. Corrected now.


Okay, a serious question. How much did Durex pay Conte to get promoted as a main sponsor?


These companies can spend literal millions on these sponsoring deals.


Contendiente Enemigo (Gen. I) (1968-1975).

Enemigo S in sedan form shown here.

NEXT EPISODE: Oil crisis, the real Enemy: the Enemigo G II.


The front and back are great! Lots of detail and so on, but the side just looks like a flat slab, which isn’t helped by the fact that it is a flat slab :slight_smile: Maybe some plastic or chrome trim pieces would give it a more interesting profile?



git gud

Also, would drive 10/10


That’s one neat looking ride you got there.


If it looks right, it is right - that’s definitely true here. I am expecting the second-gen Enemigo to build on its legacy with ease on first impressions alone.


Contendiente Enemigo (Gen. II) (1975-1983).

Enemigo S in sedan form shown here.

Enemigo S in wagon form shown here.

1978 Facelift.

NEXT EPISODE: Synthetizers, neons, and the 80s Enemigo!


Ayy! The Enemigo joins the Semi Trailing Arm club like the Merna* . Really liking the door handles and the rear of that Estate model, it looks splendid.

*shameless self promotion i apologise profusely