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Corvette6317's Mods


Oh yes. Now some proper action can begin. :slight_smile:


Coming soon, just got some adjustments to make:


Yet another UE4 remake of a Kee mod that already looked good previously? That’s just what the doctor ordered!


Might not be as soon as I hoped, I reopened it to Unreal to make some adjustments and now it won’t stop crashing.


Not perfect but usable:


When you say not perfect…is it because of morphing like this?

I subscribed to the other car mod on the workshop and have exactly the same thing happening.

Is it the mods or my installation?


First balloon mirrors, now this… Automation is secretly turned into an aircraft tycoon game!


It’s the mods, since I couldn’t get the flares to move the way I wanted I locked them in the default position, and somehow this is the result.


Kertomation Space Program


Apart from the wheel arch issue the body works fine for me. Unlike the vanilla equivalent, it can fit wider tires without having to fit gigantic wheel arch flares.

Edit: regarding this other issue:

I just managed to squeeze in a 6.5L NA V12 in it without any problems, even after fitting race headers. Turns out that engine was narrower than a V8 of similar displacement.


I specifically designed it to fit 295s at the rear without flaring out the arches to match the AMG GTS. Unfortunately the trade-off is the engine bay is narrower than I would like.


It won’t fit my 6.2 V8 with race headers though, it would in Kee.


Roadster and Shooting Brake have been added:




I’ll say it again: just like in Kee, the soft-top and wagon variants are excellent additions to this latest mod.


70s Luxury:

I meant to have a 2 door convertible version as well but for some reason I can’t figure out, Unreal won’t export the mod with that one included.


Yet another quality conversion from Kee, and well worth the wait.


Oh yes.

Do morphs work correctly tho


Unfortunately no. The annoying thing is I was able to set up morphs properly (in the editor at least, don’t know if they would have worked in-game) when they first released the mod tools but couldn’t export properly. I then learned the workaround to the get the export working but the editor changed and I couldn’t do the morphs anymore.


I’ve been waiting for this body forever. Makes for sexiest of muscle sedans