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Corvette6317's Mods


Volvo S80?


80s Compact sedan, hatch, etc.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=866352795
Standalone: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qafxfbtfari37bh/80sCompactCorvette.zip?dl=0


Perfect Corvette6317!, It has wide variants and it fits well up to the early 90s, because it has the facelifted variants. I may also rework your 90s Mid Engine Sports (previous one you did was now vanilla) as well (pre-facelift at first, but it depends on how much free time I have).
Although there is a minor bug: pre-facelift front station wagon morphing is a little bit weird at the center.


Thanks ohm, it’s fixed now.


Out of nowhere… he comes bearing a Lancia Delta. :scream:

Great job on it. I adore cars with meaty arches, and the later model Deltas are an excellent example of that. The sedan variant was just the body I’ve been missing for an early 80’s sport sedan.


Any 1970s Ital Design design ever!


Sweet! The older design is also perfect for small 80s American shitboxes.


Excellent thing, I have one complaint though. Why hatchback variants don’t have the rear length morph, despite the estate, sedan and coupe ones having it?


Well if you drag out the rear on the 5 door hatch you’re just going to end up with a wagon.


I guess you could consider this a request, but any chance of also getting a 5 door hatch without the quarter window behind the doors? That would make it the model with the most variants :wink:


Already I have plenty of ideas for this body: I could make it look like a Delta HF Integrale or E30 M3, or maybe even one of those other Group A homologation specials…


The 10sMidSedan has been updated again, re-added the morphable roof height that was on the original version. I won’t be doing anything to make the engine bay wider though as that would heavily restrict how wide the tires could be with the default flares.
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600064191
Standalone: https://www.dropbox.com/s/svq928rxrk0qae8/10sSedanMidCorvette.zip?dl=0


Yeeesss! Morphable roof height - this should be standard in every automation model :smiley:


Unfortunately, the more morphs you put on the same section of the car, the harder it becomes to get them all right. Trying to adjust three morphs effecting one area basically switching between and redoing them several times over, for each body variant. So I don’t plan on doing it again.


Can confirm, that’s a real pain in the *** to do. :joy:


So maybe sometimes morphable roof could be made instead morphable B pillar?


The B pillar movement is easy. It’s getting a morphable roof that works with the morphing of the front and rear windows. Anything that includes changing angles is a lot of trouble to overlap, especially if the other morph also includes changing angles.


It’s Like herding cats.

Every time you change the weighting on vertex for a particular morph, it will alter any other weight on other morphs for the same vertex.
So you alter those back and your original one is altered and round you go.
It’s not impossible to do, just very very laborious.


Not sure if it’s just me having a stupid Windows problem or if there’s a real issue, but it seems that since the 10s midsize was updated I don’t have permission to access it anymore and can’t do anything with it (not even delete it), and so it doesn’t appear in the game anymore.

Edit: this is the error message


Has anyone else had this problem? It works fine for me, I can only assume one or more files have gone corrupt on yours.