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Crash when taking 4K picture in photo mode


I have a 2560x1440p monitor and I’m running in windowed borderless mode. I noticed that when I click the “take 1080p picture” button, it actually outputs at 1440p. When I click the “take 4K picture” button, the game crashes.


I have the same issue, which as been present with the last three updates of open beta (B190411, B190321, B190315), but not prior to this. Every time I take a picture in photo mode, Automation crashes. It does this regardless of which car or which place I’m taking a photo in except the scenes that are all white or all black background - then its 50/50 whether it crashes or not…

I’m running a 1920x1200 resolution on my monitor though, with Automation running windowed (not borderless) at less resolution than this. To begin with I had slightly older drivers for my graphics card (AMD HD7990), but even when updated the problem still occurs. Note that I’m pretty sure it didn’t occur before the B190315 patch.

EDIT: update - actually now that I can sometimes take a photo with the all-white background, there is another issue. If I actually do manage to get a photo, the next time I got into the photo editor (with any background and any car), the car doesn’t load at all!