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cRiMiNaL's Bug Reports


This body only runs exhaust to the rear behind the wheels and back
I have tried various engines and setups, all react the same

I was going to make an old truck but got met with this glitch
I’m sure this has been reported as i have seen this body on an older version of Automation but still wanted to include it in my reports

Diffusers are not working as desired on certain bodys
Maybe I should report the body instead of the diffuser?
Unsure about this one, had a chat with a CH and really we couldn’t determine what the proper report is so I am sending what I have already

Side note: Separate tab for diffusers?


we have a thread for this, i believe


This body has morphing issues
The hood is pictured and the rear window morph slightly deforms the body when brought all the way forward

The pictured door handles are missing keyholes
The handle on the bottom left has 1 texture, no texture change for the keyhole
Door handle on the top right may be questionable as that may be a button?


Thank you for the reports! We’ll add those to the list. :slight_smile:
In future please post these kinds of issues in the thread linked by SideswipeBL.