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CSR 105 - Does this *$#!ing thing need fuel again?


1979 Albatross Ventura

  • 1.7L I4
  • 83 hp
  • 25 MPG
  • $12,500


The Glorious Popas!!!
Hardbass tape included


Because playing it safe is boring, please let me introduce:

1979 Albere Gille - le Chiot 1700


The French take on the Combi


I got inspired and may have gone off on a tangent


No chance of winning this round


  • 1693cc V6
  • 63HP
  • 5 Proper Seats
  • AM Radio
  • Disk Brakes
  • Alloy Wheels


1979 Bradford GV1

(tried to make an old-ish ad)

"more angles"


1979 Csirius Erect500

This new little car will certainly be what you and your family needs! It has a lot of space in the trunk for groceries and what ever else you need! It packs a quick little I4 4 speed manual that can reach 140mph/225kmh. We’re sure this car will suit all your errand-run-around needs!
(please forgive the bumper bars going over the embalm in the front pic, I have no idea why it does that)

I’m finally finished with it, your welcome everyone!


In 1977, Kimura unveiled the 3rd generation Auburn, their bestselling compact car. They gave the car a revamp in 1979 with an all-new SOHC engine and some other style upgrades. The business campaign focused heavily on the Auburn’s style and practicality.


The 1978 Cicero Arpino 1500S

Why pay more for less?

The Arpino from Cicero provides you with a budget family car that is reliable, practical and economical. It comes with a 60 horsepower 1,5 liter engine, a 4-speed manual gearbox, a rear wiper, and a radio.

Us at The Last News redaction are convinced. The Cicero is the best bang for buck car available to you now.


I have been procrastinating on the ad for my entry, but I got around to working on it today.

Introducing, The Gallische Motormobielen Fabriek (GMF) Trend 1.3 GLS:

A Cute Little Family car of Dutch and Gallian origin, powered by the proven Pluto-1300EEC 1300cc 4 Cylinder.

Nice, but does it also come in color?





Legion Sparrow 1.4tci Turbo

This second generation Legion Sparrow was introduced in 1974, still available in both FWD and RWD configurations, and improving on the 1st gen with independent rear suspension, improved corrosion resistance, updated styling, and a brand new, twin cam 1400cc inline four cylinder.

The new “74dd” 4 cylinder is heavily undersquare to fit in the tighter confines of the FWD Sparrow’s engine bay. New for 1978 was a turbocharged, fuel injected version of the twincam four. An available option on any trim level, it provided both improved fuel economy and power.

The 1978 model provided here is a base model, but includes a few optional extras, such as alloy wheels, an 8 track player, and the Chrome Appearance package, bringing American-car style to a sensible, affordable package.


1.4 DOHC turbo FI I4, 82 hp, 92 lb-ft
4 speed manual with overdrive 4th
Longitudinal FWD
7.2 L / 100 km
0-100 km/h: 11.1 seconds
Top Speed: 154 km/h

Additional Photos

Below: Without the Chrome Appearance package.




The CMT Mantra comes in a new limited special edition, the CLX.
65 horsepower inline three, rather frugal trim, but extra-chrome fancy exterior and innovative engine technology.


Aaand the entries are Closed

Prelims will be out in 24 hours.
Finals should be out in 48 hours.


Preliminaries Part 1
Gerald and Julie sat outside at his porch, having saved up the newspapers over the past couple weeks to look through for whatever ad seemed remotely suitable to become the next top grandchildren hauler.

@kobacrashi - Reduit GSR 14
Gerald: Heh, not bad, quite on the expensive side, but it sure looks spacious
Julie: mmmm, looks a bit dull.
Gerald: Oh no, that interior.
Julie: Oh yeah, that definitely isn’t as nice as Snoetje’s, would you be alright with that grandpa?
Gerald: Hmm, I’d rather not.

Not selected because of completely basic interior and entertainment, good car for the rest, nothing outstanding, but impressive economy for the damn size of the thing and the power.

@MGR_99 - Aumilla Vertra 1800AE
Gerald: Hey, this one doesn’t look that bad.
Julie: Look at that little thing on it’s bonnet, it’s so funny!
Gerald: Wait, is it a sporty car? Oh no, but it seems to get quite good fuel economy
Julie: Still! Looks like a fun car.
Gerald: Alright, we’ll check it out then!

Goes through
@vmo - Montes Urban 1.4 GXi
Gerald: Hmmm, doesn’t really pique my interest.
Julie: Yeah, me either.
Gerald: oh, it can save me a good amount of money though, hmmmmm.
Julie: It is nowhere as nice as Snoetje was though!
Gerald: Okay true, let’s keep looking then.

Not selected because it didn’t stand out for anything but being cheap, while not really. Very well rust protected, but in an age nobody really cared, so budget got lost there. Completely basic interior.

@TheTechnoVampire - Juniper Halo 16V Injection
Gerald: Wait, is this a convertible sportcar?
Julie: It looks fun though!
Gerald: Oh no it isn’t a convertible, it sure is an interesting looking one! Not too expensive either… fuel economy is alright. Guess I don’t really have objections against it.
Julie: C’mon grandpa, add it to the list!
Gerald: Alright, alright, we’ll go look at it.

Through to the finals

@Mad_Cat - Wagner Uranus 1.6
Gerald: Hmm, looks quite alright, apparently it’s quite comfy.
Julie: Ehhh, it looks kinda boring.
Gerald: It looks like a good car though! Oh, except it isn’t THAT lean on gas…
Julie: Don’t you pay lots and lots for the gas now Grandpa?
Gerald: Yeah, alright, seems like it isn’t as good of a choice as the others then.

Not selected, alright styling, but nothing to give it character for kids to like. Good engineering, but in this tight competition it got out-eco’d with its 10,2L/100km and service costs.

@Xepy - Kuma SU15i

Gerald: 8.4L, WHAT?
Julie: Is that good?
Gerald: Sure seems like it!
Julie: It looks like your kinda car too Grandpa!
Gerald: That settles it, also going on the list.

Goes through.

@racer126 - Geschenk Güey
Gerald: Hmm, I swear I saw a very similar car down the road just the other day.
Julie: Doesn’t look bad though.
Gerald: It doesn’t indeed, the economy is pretty good too
Julie: Hey look it got a fancy 8 track player!
Gerald: Wait, what are those?
Julie: Don’t worry, I’ll show you them.

Through to the finals

@yangx2 - Honghu WM-1358EU
Gerald: …How on earth did that get over the wall?
Julie: …What wall? It looks kinda strange… and huge though
Gerald: it sure is… unique, oh, it seems quite unsafe too.
Julie: Yeah its looks are kinda scaring me…
Gerald: I didn’t mean that with unsafe, but I guess that’s a no.

Binned for scaring the children, and possibly Gerald too. Ladder chassis and basic safety is not quite the responsible mix to carry other people’s children about. Absolutely ridiculous comfort of 29 though, was almost tempted to let it win just because of that. You damn commi bastard.

@NiuYorqCiti - Koji Reanda 1.6i
Gerald: Hey this one looks pretty darn modern.
Julie: Seems kinda alright I suppose, I like its stripes!
Gerald: The fuel economy is kinda… eh though.
Julie: The interior seems nice
Gerald: Yeah, but for the rest… I don’t know

Close call but does not go through, it failed to set itself apart enough with the worse than average lifetime cost

@mart1n2005 - Abingdon presto 1500GL
Gerald: Whew, back so basics styling
Julie: it looks cute!
Gerald: Y-Yeah! It’s an adorable lil car, isn’t it
Julie: Mhm!
Gerald: OH, ohno, does this car even have an interior?

Not selected due to having very low comfort, due to both the most basic interior and firm suspension. It’s a shitbox alright, but one that could have spent its budget more wisely on some areas. Went a step too far with shitbox for the rest.

@Ryan93 - Eigle Innovation
Gerald: What a strapping little car.
Julie: It’s a bit boring, but it isn’t bad looking.
Gerald: Hmmm, now that fuel economy is tempting
Julie: Sooo, does that mean you’re going to buy me that doll if you get this car?
Gerald: Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Goes through

@Flamers - Injeno Elegante Ecotec
Julie: Grandpa, is this a car? Kinda looks like a boat.
Gerald: I suppose it IS a car though, although rather special?
Julie: The back of the car looks kinda… cramped?
Gerald: Yeah, so not really nice if we have Jaak and Katrien also in the car… Also doesn’t seem to have anything going for it outside of being quirky.

Not selected, poor comfort and safety, although its service costs were remarkably low, then again, so was the engine power, especially down below.

@CorsicaUnknown - Sisten Trebla 1.6 Super
“CSR is only about the design, y’know” Oh Imma bin you so ha- Wait holdon, this has got more going for it than design you damn liar. The effort behind the two tone though, jesus.
Julie: Oooh! Looks like fun!
Gerald: Well, it does seem like an alright car…
Gerald spits out his coffee.
Gerald: That economy! Yes, we are most definitely looking at it, it is decided.
Julie: Woohoo! That’s decided then.

Goes through

@Hilbert - Uranus Legacy Hatchback
Gerald: Whew, now this looks pretty darn modern.
Julie: it’s kinda charming with its sharpiness, and it looks like it can climb mountains like a goat!
Gerald: Yeah, but Uranus is known to be pretty unreliable and unsafe, so I’d rather not put you in there.
Julie: Okay, whatever you say then grandpa, neeeext.

Not selected, surprisingly uncomfortable for its interior, and really unsafe with ladder chassis and basic safety. Having gotten just out of a big accident Gerald is not gonna take that risk, nor with the reliability. Interesting turbo proposition, but last thing non-fully matured tech needed for reliability was a stressed engine near the redline.
@Vena.Sera423 - FWM Woodsman
Gerald: Now that’s styling from my old days!
Julie: Looks old but sporty, is it having one of those life crises you had grandpa?
Gerald: What? No, I mean maybe yes? But I never had one of those.
Julie: But mom s-
Gerald: Shh, let’s look at the carrrr.
Julie: “fuel economy 13.4L/100km”
Gerald: okay, yeah, nevermind that, let’s keep on looking

Not selected mostly because of fuel economy, not eco enough and not comfy enough, although a very special styling I can appreciate.

@ST1Letho - CMZ R12
Julie: Ooooooh, kinda futuristic.
Gerald: It… has the engine in the back, and the only trunk is in the front.
Julie: so, not every car has the engine in the front?
Gerald: Nope, quite interesting, not sure if it’s something for me, but I suppose we can take a look.

Goes through.

@DukeOFhazards - Birmingham 1500 HXi
Julie: A bit flashy!.. And a bit small.
Gerald: Doesnt really stand out in other ways either, and apparently not the most reliable brand either.
Julie: Shall I grab the next newspaper?
Gerald: Sure, let’s do that.

Not selected, has nice little touches to it, but doesn’t stand out in this highly competitive scene, and with subpar reliability it didnt end up in the finals. Also the engine revs probably longer than it would have to for performance.

@Centurion_23 - Pemhall Ascot
Julie: Looks kinda boring.
Gerald: It’s a good car though!
Julie: Sure, but it’s boring!
Gerald: That 7.8L/100 km economy though… Hrmmmm
Julie: There have been cooler cars so faaaar.
Gerald: Alright, alright.

Not selected, managed to impress Gerald, but not the grandchild, and also had basic safety and subpar reliability. Was very close to getting in the finals.

@LinkLuke - GMI 221
Julie: That one looks funky!
Gerald: it looks…peculiar indeed.
Julie: Hey, look here’s a photo of the interior… kinda empty
Gerald: Wait, does that seat in the picture already have a tear?

Not selected because of basic interior, entertainment and negative quality in both interior and suspension. It was a good take on the RR approach though, mcphersons in front so enough storage space, but other things let the car down in this fierce competition.

@Oldenways - Quost Metis SC 79’ Facelift
Julie: Oooh, looks like a sportscar!
Gerald: Uh-…oh yeah it looks cool, it isn’t though. (phew)
Julie: The interior looks kinda meh again…
Gerald: The fuel economy is mediocre too, but it is a reliable and cheap brand to maintain, hmm.
Julie: It doesn’t look mediocre though, it looks hip!
Gerald: Mhm, but you’ll be on the inside of the car right?
Julie: True… Keep looking then?
Gerald: Sure.

Not selected, another close call, the solid axle I was alright with, period correct, but the fully basic interior just wasn’t competitive enough. Loving the looks of this entry though, although the front seems a tad too bland?

Part 2 following soon!


Originally these blurbs included me thinking a double wishbone frunk wouldn't work well in practice due to how I saw Automation portray the chassis, Letho1 pointed out to me a real life example where it worked perfectly, so I stood corrected and therefor my reason to not let him pass was gone, so pass he did.


With the same Smuggler as the Popas lol


Uranus is known to be pretty unreliable and unsafe

It’s a win for me


Aw, for the 9th time not through the preliminaries. Oh well, but I knew that the interiour and fuel economy was going to be a problem. But frankly, there must be a bug because I never failed to get to the economy I wanted. But this time, impossible to get it down. Event though I’m at mild cam and 14,6 AFR or something.


Didn’t make it again but oh well, it was fun. I still need to fine tune the settings and learn more about fuel economy thing for the hippies. The Woodsman is indeed a little sports car. Glad you liked the style though.
Now if you excuse me, I’m going to make the Woodsman what it was initially intended for and drop a small block V8 in it! :sunglasses:
Until next time.