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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)


Introducing our brand-new Zimmer-Wagner L846i.

The Zimmer-Wagner L-series sedan has always been the first choice for the kind of person who prefer to go out with style, both literally and figuratively.

With a 4.7L V8 engine, 4-speed automatic gearbox, and limited slip differential at its disposal, the ZW L-series will certainly provide you with the best control over the road, regardless of whether it’s rainy or dry. You will never feel more inspired driving it.

Worried about comfort? Don’t fret, as it is equipped with the finest leather upholstery inside, in-cabin telephone for your emergency business call conferences, and safety levels so high you wouldn’t even notice that the car hit a pole.

So, would you take the offer?

(This ad is brought to you by @goblin95 and @Centurion_23)


please rename this round csr 106, because last round doesn’t count anymore


1984 Banthaar Vanter V8


Mikaza P


The 1984 Tanaka Crezta 3.0 L Executive

Ain’t got no time for a proper advert…

The Crezta has always been a Japanese executive sedan. However, an import company brought it to the LAND OF THE FREE A.K.A USA. They put the interior parts of the Aventus (which was available in the US) for left-hand-drive conversion.


How did this communist vehicle get into the US?! Well it appears to an extremely rare grey import customised with Advanced Western Electronic Fuel Injection system to allow the engine to meet the Western market…

The DHB DJ774G 6.0 which is used by the very top party officials in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia (DSRA). Powered by a massive rear mounted 6.0L OHV V8 it is quick yet opulent & luxurious. Utilising the same basic platform of the DJ772 introduced in 1966 but given a modernisation in 1980s.


a rare case of a video ad


I say Tucker ftw


I am at work until 6 p.m. Pacific, I get home roughly by 7 p.m. Pacific, I’ll have to submission into tonight no later than 8 p.m. Pacific


If my math is right, you’ll have time to spare. 10 hours ago was the 24 hour notice, it’s about 10:30 local time on the west coast. 8PM is 9.5 hours away for you, and 10+9.5 is 19.5, so you’ll have about three hours left.

This assumes that by pacific, you mean US Pacific time. There is a pacific time in Australia for all I know. I didn’t do the math to see if that makes sense.


Washington Ivy III SportLuxe V6

Equipped with 4 wheel independent suspension, sporty manual 5- speed transmission, luxurious interior and very- well handling Longitudinal FWD drivetrain. the car gets a decent 16 miles per gallon. all this is yours for only 25800 dollars.


Fucking god, i was mading my entry till i see this piece of art, you are a true artist


I just want to know what camera setting/filters he is using. Looks like a real car.


The car reminds me a lot of a Mercedes 190 2.3 Evolution or early AMG versions of it.


1984 Kansei Aspera AWD
Had to use potato-computer for this build, so no fancy ads

As one of Kansei’s flagship cars, this high-quality sport sedan boasted the best in technology and comfort.
The Aspera is a high-profile model that aimed to offer the sort of cutting-edge design and performance sought by a mature automotive society.
The Aspera - noted for its innovative styling and advanced automotive technologies - instantly gained popularity in a broad range of applications, from personal to formal, with a vast variety of trims.
This one, the top-grade AWD version, is equipped with an 4,000cc SOHC V8 engine.
The wide range of options include genuine leather seats, keyless entry system, JBL speaker system, and fiber-optic steering wheel switches.

Lots of shite pics



It had been 2 years since Farox rolled out the new generation of the Monumental sedan, Highland Park estate, and Delegance coupe. In the middle eighties, Ford had seen success with their new “personal luxury coupes” and more Euro-centered cars. Naturally, Farox went all out on the S-Class and 7-series with this hunk of sh new version of the Monumental’s platform.

The Talbot SEC (sports executive car) sported a fuel injected 6.0L V8 and some horsepower, and got some miles to the gallon. Surprisingly, the acceleration was phenomenal for its day. A sixty mile-per-hour sprint could be completed in well under 8 seconds, and it is a very comfortable car. A limited slip differential was an option.

I listened to P!ATD while making this

EDIT: I forgot mirrors. I added them now, but I forgot. Fcking. Mirrors.
I do this all the time. So focused on detail that I forget the obvious.


1984 Albatross Mammoth

Large and In Charge.

Emphasis on the large.

Yeah yeah I know it’s a low effort ad, I’ve got a math final tomorrow so this is a much much much lower priority. But I couldn’t resist the chance for another wild card entry.


TME is proud to introduce their new Sedan called MS (Medium Sedan).

Aimed at other European Sedans the MS has a fuel injected 4.3 litre V8 which propels the MS from 0-62 mph in under 8 seconds and on to a top speed of 143 mph.


that one would carry much coke


For curiosity, i was searching for the cars that went under 9.5s to see what a police car would be, counting it would be a 4-door, and it would be a Plymouth Horizon, it would be as fast as a mazda RX-7 hahaha