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CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)



@Oldenways Just watch this space :wink:


Car has now been submitted and is waiting for approval.
Finally managed to find some time to do a proper advert.



Introducing, GERADE 735V Autobahn Special

More photos


For the 1984 model year Silver-York introduces it’s most advanced Sovereign yet, completely redesigned and refined to give you a traditional Silver-York Luxury in a modern advanced package. Powered by a brand new advanced V8 mated to a 4 speed gearbox and rear wheel drive. We give you a package synonymous with Silver-York

Open to reveal more Silver-York


That’s what I’m talking about.

So for me the winner is clear. Detail, originality, time correctness, don’t even care for the stats. Well done my sir.
Very good eye for translating real world design elements into this game.


New for 1984, introducing the Bauer M35 Executive!

For the 1984 model year, we’ve brought many changes to the M Series, including multi-point fuel injection and advanced safety features. The M35S model is now an even more fearsome package, with the same 3.5 I6 now making 250 HP! However, for those who like their pedals in 2’s and their suspension a bit softer, we give you the Executive Package. It comes with a similar 3.5 to the S model, albeit with a milder tune and quieter exhaust system. These changes allow heightened efficiency, 17 MPG on the highway, while still having a punchy 221 HP and 219 lb-ft of torque. With a 4-speed automatic and limited-slip differential, you can hit 60 MPH in 6.9 (nice) seconds.

But there’s a reason this is the Executive model.

Because when you step inside, you find yourself swaddled in 5 cushy leather seats, you listen to a radio with the latest technology, including a cassette player, and fire it up. The quiet and smooth inline 6 purrs as you put it in drive, and the variable steering gets you turned where you want to be with minimal effort.

As you can see, this car combines the best of both worlds for the best of customers. We won’t tell you to get yours now, because you probably already did.

EDIT: Beam testing has shown times of 6.3 and lower sooo that’s pretty nice :b


In case anyone listened all the way through the top playlist and needs more 80s, I have a large one here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLufR8f1oIomjuvwV9w1fUa4jkPzuQ-eZn

Also, I will admit, the Silver-York Sovereign up there is admirable. I only hope I can make as good a knockoff Lincoln as you did a Cadillac.


KGB on full attack for the super saloon segment, introducing the KGB Lynx.

Built from the ground up in aluminium, the Lynx glides over the streets with a firm but feather light presence. The lightness persists to its aluminium 3286cc Inline-6 heart, delivering 286nm of grunt pushing to a healthy 7200rpm redline. This neat package launches our felid fighter to 100kph in 6.55 seconds through our silky smooth advanced 4 speed automatic all the way up to 144mph, embarassing anything BMW can offer at this size.

Don’t be mistaking this for a road-flattening back-breaking circuit toy though as KGB has paired strength with elegance. The Lynx delivers the whole package in a sumptuous luxury interior with premium 8-track sound system and sunroof as standard. Of course an excellent drive and indulgent environment isn’t enough to satisfy a fine connoisseur, his stead must compliment his lifestyle, and we haven’t forgotten. The Lynx meets the demands of any high-flyer with more than enough boot space for two golf bags and load capacity exceeding 620kg for even any eventuality sir may require.

We cannot imagine a circumstance the KGB Lynx wouldn’t be at home, and at $42,400 we can’t see why you shouldn’t have one parked outside yours.


How did you manage to get in the ET limit with aluminum in the engine? I had to make a new family with iron x iron and SOHC (screwing with my lore but whatever) to fit the 100 ET limit



My engine is a 4.8 V8 SOHC 3 valve that is Iron block and Aluminum heads with multiple fuel injection and got the ET to around 100

Edit 129.5… well… shit…


A different head material to block material is usually a big problem in older cars, isn’t it?


It is. Usually the heads will warp. But it was used in this era. My 2002 Explorer that had the 4.0l V6 was a cast block and aluminum heads. The water pump went out on it causing overheat, warped the heads and lost compression in cylinders 2 and 3


Please see updated post:


Please dont look too closely at the Ad, I made it in paint.net with a mouse. without further ado, the Corvelius Bombay! You’ll think you’re in heaven, until you realize you’re in something better.

its not letting me post more than 1 image, so i guess il just reply to myself and post the last one.




I’ve received entries from:

I’m still waiting for .car files from
and @donutsnail

If your name is on neither of these lists, please let me know as soon as humanly possible. At least this round isn’t as populated as 102.


8 cars are dead and disqualified.


yeah um

i’m a fool and didn’t see the et limit. rip my v12 :clown_face:



I wanted to make a crazy SUV, Lambo LM inspired. But I did not find a suitable body and abandoned it halfway through…

Maybe a last ditch effort tonight if I feel inspired.